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Yay, I’ve had three hundred visits to my website! And, unless my site stats have been lying to me, I may actually have a few regular visitors. So I’d like to thank the 3 to 5 of you that visit my on a semi-regular basis, and the oodles of you that dont’, but you count just the same. And of course, I wanna thank the only people that ever comment on my posts, the spammers. Seriously, people! Could someone other than some spammer please leave a comment on something, I don’t care if it’s good or bad, as long as it isn’t spam I would be happy, cuz I don’t know if I’m doing anything right or not. I also have a ratings system in place, so whenever you want, you can rate my stuff thumbs up or thumbs down.

Anyway, to get back to what I was saying before that little tangent, yay 300 visits. A lot of exciting stuff around the corner, the premiere of Power Rangers Samurai is coming up, and apparently they’ll have new episodes premiere sundays at noon. Then the following week Kaizoku Sentai Go-Kaiger preimieres, definitly looking forward to waiting until someone has the nerve to put the first episode up on YouTube. And of course, I’ll continue to try and keep you up-to-date about all things toku. And as promised (for those of you who give a damn), I will soon reveal HenshinHead’s form to you (and he is currently working on a new post, so could you do him a favor and read it, because he doesn’t think anyone reads his posts). Until next time!

-M.C., the quantum twin 

P.S.: I probably won’t do anything when we get to 400, depending on how long that takes, but expect to party at 500! You bring the snacks, I’ll get the drinks, and we’ll party like Toei just announced that their easing up on subbed videos uploaded onto YouTube!

P.S.S.: I just corrected the title, just so you know. Also, today has been the busiest day I’ve had in over a week, so more thanks are in order! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!THANK YOU!THANK YOU!THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S.S.S: Seriously anyone else who isn’t just spamming my site, I want to hear from you, and only you. I haven’t approved a new comment in over three weeks, and I would like to hear from a real person. You can be anonimous if you want, just someone who isn’t a spammer, please make the first move, don’t wait for someone else to do it.

UPDATE: (2/5/11) 400 visits, only one hundred more to go!

YouTube – Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Opening Song

YouTube – Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Opening Song

via YouTube – Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Opening Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-9uP-0GT9o&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL

This is a semi-live recording of the song that took place during the Go-Kaiger press conference Just thought you might be interested. You owe me one, Grass Whoppers!

UPDATE: Here is a clear version of the opening, it’s not the whole song, but at least you can understand more than a few lines, and you can actually hear the music!

(link no longer works, first link modified)

That’s two, Grass Whoppers!

New series announcement: Toku’s impact on the real world.

Hey there everybody! Itsa me, M.C. here and I’m introducing a new series of blog posts which will run (hopefully) along with the tokusatsu for beginners posts call “Toku’s impact on the real world”. Basically, it will examine how toku has and still is impacting the world that we live in today. It may be as broad and obvious as research into humanoid robots to something so understated and vague that only my twisted brain could connect the pieces. And this new series starts… Right Now!!!

Recently, Sony announced that they had developed the PSP2 NGP, or next generation portable (for Star Trek’s impact on the use of the phrase “next generation”, please visit a blog about Star Trek, otherwise, keep reading). Of all the awesome new features that it comes with (I would like to stress at this point that I am in no way associated with Sony, I just like what they produce), they’ve made a change in how they format the games for it. Instead of the UMD disc or direct download, they now are going to use flash sticks, similar to the kind that are used for memory on devices like digital cameras, or the original PSP.  

This is a subtle place where I see the influence of toku on the real world. Your probably wondering, what do you mean? Where could you possibly see any real influence? Well, if you could stop asking so many questions and give me a chance to explain, then I can tell you.

In the world of tokusatsu, there are many instances where some sort of electronic identifier is plugged in to a henshin device, or used in conjunction with some other device, like a weapon or vehicle. Take the side by side example below:


That very tiny white thing on display is an example of the kind of flash memory device they plan on using. Now I know the comparison is far from perfect, but think about it for a second. Before KRW came out, the only thing that devices like flash memories were considered for was memory storage. Perhaps on day, while they were still developing this product, one of the developers came into work on monday and said, “Yesterday, I was watching this new Kamen Rider series with my kids, and I had this great idea for how we could change the game format. Lets put them on some sort of removable storage device, like a USB drive”. Then one of the other developers went “No, we can’t do that, that would too big and cumbersome. I know, lets use those little memory sticks that we sell for the current PSP”. Yes, I doubt that happened that way too, but I’m just saying, it could have happened. For more proof of my insane thesis, I direct your attention to the following changers from various Metal Hero series:


All of these devices rely on reading an “electronic” data card in order to work. And thus, toku’s influence on real world technologies. If you want anymore comparisons, look them up. Power Rangers/Super Sentai is so full of these things, it ridiculous.

Will you look at that: Gender Reassignment in Go-Kaiger

Now I know what your thinking from the title, “Holy Crap! What kind of show are they making?”, but calm down, it’s not that kind of gender reassignment. Although now that you mention it, who are you to judge?! But seriously, no, it’s not that at all. This has more to do with the speculation over how many members Go-Kaiger will end up with. You see, when the rumors about Go-Kaiger started popping up, a good deal of them dealt with the possibility that there may be more than one senshi with the same color, like say, a male and female yellow, or a male and female blue. Other rumors included the possibility that there would be a number of extra senshi that would have a wide spectrum of colors in order to fill the color gap, such as the Go-KaiBlack rumors. But, according to recently released photos and screenshots, it seems that neither of these rumors were ever true.

There are two main sources that put the final nails in the coffin for these rumors. The first is the released footage from the Goseiger Vs. Shinkenger movie, that shows the entire squadron changing into red senshi from the previous five seasons. That’s a huge indicator that show that clearly any one of them can turn into any previous senshi. The second source comes from a magazine (publication unknown to myself)that has both a two-page spread where each of the senshi are surround by all the previous senshi they will change into in the show AND a foldout poster that feature them in the center and images of the team changed into previous teams organized around the poster. And let me put it this way, there are a number of them who are wearing skirts now that weren’t before, and there are even a couple missing skirts.

Well, here’s the skinny of how the teams will be worked out. Basically, all past yellow senshi are now female, all past blue are male, and Go-KaiGreen will mostly be changing back-and-forth between green and black. Now it’s not completely strict to that. Go-KaiPink, for example, will change into Black Bison from Liveman, KuwagataRaijer, GekiChopper, and Go-OnBlack. Go-KaiYellow will also take the role of Big One from JAKQ, and ChangeMermaid. And Go-KaiGreen will also change into KabutoRaijer. And in two cases the full team isn’t there. SunVulcan only has three senshi, and Abaranger doesn’t include AbareKiller. The only real consistency is that, at least on that poster, red is always male. But considering the possibility that any of them could be any one of those past senshi, who knows what could happen!

But, at the end of the day, who can really say for certain what will happen, and who cares? As long as they do a decent job with it, and they’re able to get past the problems that have shown up in other series that have done the same thing already (although I would like to say that I liked Kamen Rider Decade, even if some people absolutely hated it). And besides, when they’re not past senshi, they’re pirates, and pirates are always cool, mostly.


-M.C., the quantum twin

YouTube – Movie

YouTube – Movie

via YouTube – Movie.

Just thought you might be interested in watching this, it might or might not be about Goseiger Vs. Shinkeger, and might or might not mention Go-Kaiger briefly.

X Marks the spot! Go-Kaiger Pics from around the web.

If you’re looking for pics from Go-Kaiger, then you just stumbled upon the motherload! I’ve got them all right here (except for any fan-made art, hopefully), so check all 79 of them out! I like exclaimation points! WEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Here’s some Go-KaiOh pics:


Some pics from the upcoming toy line and their new changer called the Mobirates (I’d like to see just how they pronounce that):


And now for just a few random pics:


Well, there you go. 79 Go-Kaiger pics all in one place. Now get away from me bootie!

-M.C., the quantum twin.

Yay! 200 Visits! And Upcoming Attractions.

Since the sight first went up in late November, its had over 200 visits! And for that, I would like to say, Thank You! Or, to patronize you in the native language of tokusatsu, arrigato gozaimasu! And keep coming back, because there’s a lot more ahead. More news about Go-Kaiger, Power Rangers Samurai, Kamen Rider OOO, and whatever else pops up. Plus very soon, I plan on revealing HenshinHead’s form. It’s gonna be awesome, just wait and see. In the mean time, spread the word, tell a friend, and recommend this site to everyone you know that has a computerized device connected to the internet. I would like to reach 300 sometime within the next month if not much, MUCH sooner. Thank you. 🙂

Tokusatsu for Beginners: What is Tokusatsu?

If you’ve found this blog, that most likely means one of two things: Either you already know what tokusatsu is, and you’re looking for info about one in particular, or you’re just entering random crap into Google search to see what comes up. I say its most likely one of those two, because I highly doubt that you came here because you care about my opinion, otherwise I would have regular visitors (if you do visit regularly, please let me know). But on the off chance that your not in any of the groups mentioned, then there is a chance that you’re here because you just learned about the existence of tokusatsu and are curious about what it actually is, and Wikipedia isn’t quite giving as much information as you’d like. For those of you who seem to fit this categorey, this post is just for you! Because those other people already know or don’t care!

So then, where do I start? Well let’s start with the word itself. First off, its a Japanese term, which makes it cool by default. Second off, its actually a slang word for the Japanese for “special effects”, which works out well for those of us on the web, because we go crazy for slang. Tokusatsu as a genre really goes back to the original Godzilla film, which was one of the first Japanese sci-fi flicks, so it had to use a variety of special effects that were spectacular back then, but passé and cheesy by todays standards. In many ways, the way they setup the Godzilla movies is still used in tokusatsu today. Essentially, you have a person wearing a giant monster suit, parading through a scale model version of a major city, with the whole thing brought to life with a mix of on set and editted in special effects. This can be seen in any example of tokusatsu made since then. Essentially, the roots of tokusatsu lie in science fiction movies and television shows from the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s.

Of course, when we think about tokusatsu series nowadays, we tend to think about superheroes, and not so much about about giant fake monsters, even though they’re still there. Though there were occasional superhero stories made in the 50’s in Japan, the first tokusatsu superhero is unanimously considered to be Ultraman. Debutting in 1966, Ultraman was an overnight success, proving the popularity of science fiction superheroes with younger audiences. Ultraman‘s popularity eventually led to the shows serialization, where it was followed by numerous versions to the series, each with their own Ultraman and their own storylines. But of course, Ultraman isn’t the only superhero in the world of tokusatsu. 

Because of Ultraman’s success, there was now a rush to produce another series that could equally compete with the popularity of the show. For a time, no one could compete with Tsuburaya Productions (the company that created Ultraman). There were many one shot series that were similar, and plenty of series that outright tried to copy the concept, but no one could match the success that Ultraman had gained. That is until 1971, when the original Kamen Rider debutted. Created by Ishinomori Shotaro, and produced by Toei, the series was part of a move to create more American-style superhero series. With the success of Kamen Rider and it’s many following series still being produced today, this formally introduced the transforming superhero to tokusatsu. With this also came the use of better, more elaborate special effects, a move towards more realistic, martial-arts movie style fighting, and the emphasis on a main villian who acts through minions. The main down side to this change was the shift away from the giant monster fights tokusatsu is known for, though this was temporary.

With the success of Kamen Rider came numerous other shows that tried to mimic the style, not only in tokusatsu but in other media, including anime and manga, leading to the creation of the five-man superhero team, which was brought to the genre through the Super Sentai series. Introduced in 1975 with Himitsu Sentai Goranger, it expanded the tokusatsu genre by bring a mix between the Ultraman-style giant monster fighting with the Kamen Rider-style realistic main-monster-and-minions fight. It also introduced the idea of the team dynamic to the genre, since before then most tokusatsu superheroes before then usually worked alone. And of course, like Ultraman and Kamen Rider before it, Super Sentai has felt success and had multiple versions since it was introduced.

Since its inception, tokusatsu has drastically changed, and yet stays very much the same, much like the people and culture that spawned it. From its origins in science fiction, its come to expand to incorporate action, adventure, fantasy, drama, and many other genres, though it tends to go back to science fiction and action. Even as special effects improve with time and technological advances, it will always come down to a person in a full-body costume.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

HenshinHead’s New Post; Or what I did over the Holidays

Hey everybody! It’s me, HenshinHead! Its been awhile since I’ve checked in. I might be from a different dimension, but holiday season is the same for me  as it is for you (sorta). I have just been as busy as ever! Good thing M.C. has kept you so well-informed over the last month.

But now we’ve come to a point where there’s this lack of any real news going around the tokuverse, so instead we’ll substitute with news from my Tokuverse.

So it was almost Christmastime, and since Tokuworld is a lot like your world’s Japan (just so we’re clear, we have one too), we celebrate Christmas, but we don’t just plain stop what we’re doing. If it’s during the week, most people go to work or school like they normally would, and only a few people will take the day off. Unfortunately for me, Evil wasn’t one of those few.

It was a lovely December morning. It had snowed the night before, leaving a blanket of snow on the ground that glimmered on that unusually bright and sunny day. Because it was Christmas, I was performing one of my main Christmastime duties: I was dressed as Santa Claus wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, and passing out small gifts to people who walked by. It might seem a little strange on the surface, but I enjoy the chance to spread a little cheer. The day was going too well, and I could sense that at any moment, something was going to happen, but I kept on a happy face, for the children. Just as I was handing out the last of my presents, BOOM!, and a mob of screaming people started heading my way. Naturally, I ran towards the crowd, trying to find out what had caused all of this chaos.

As I made my way past the crowd, to what do my wondering eyes should appear, but a hideous beast, who could probably eat whole a tiny reindeer. Quick like a flash, I ran towards the beast, and shouted out, “That’s far enough, you won’t make this town your Christmas feast!” Like every monster, all he did was laugh and taunt me in a garbled voice. “You think you can beat me”, he quipped back, “I could take you out with one shot”. “Let’s just see about that, shall we?”, I answered back. Right then I pulled out my main henshin device, a very elaborate microphone-type device. You see, I’m somewhat of a presenter, so I have a bit more flair to my appearance and tactics than most of my fellow superheroes. I brought the device to my mouth and declared, “Sutēji, HenshinHead o kangei shite kudasai!” (Translation: Please welcome to the stage, HenshinHead!) And by pressing a button on the back of the device, I was transformed into HenshinHead.

And so the fight began. I started strong with a few well placed strikes, he retaliated with a couple of heavy-handed slashes. I would knock him back a few feet and he would return the favor. We tussled like that, until he used a very powerful technique to launch me into the air, where I landed about ten feet away from where I was. I realized then that he could use that ability whenever he wanted, and tried to use it on me again several times, all of which I managed to dodge. I managed to take temporary cover behind a large column while he was taunting me some more. With that attack of his now in play, I had to rethink my strategy. I knew the only way to win was to strike fast and strike hard if I wanted to avoid getting pulverized. So using my abilities, I took the form of one of my world’s Masked Bikers (yeah, copyright issues). With that form, I had the speed to outmaneuver my ghastly opponent and his barrage, and I had enough strength to deal a devastating blow in the form of a Biker Kick (again, copyright issues). And like that, he went down in a fiery explosion.

After that, I de-henshined, and went back to my previous Santa duties. I refilled my sack with toys, and went into a different part of town.

So remember kiddies, if your good little boys and girls, Santa will bring you lots of toys. But if your naughty, destructive monsters, I’ll destroy you.


Power Rangers Samurai vs. Supah Ninjas: Houston, we may have a problem.

Since it’s the new year, it’s now the time for every major network on television to start pushing, I mean advertising, upcoming new series. And one of those new series happened to catch my attention the other day, a promo for a new series debuting on Nick later this month (Jan 28th) called “Supah Ninjas”. Apparently, it’s about to middle-school-age friends that aren’t exactly the most popular kids in school, until one day one of the friends discovers a secret ninja training facility under his house that his grandfather (apparently portrayed by George Takei of all people) had left for him (also the grandfather might be dead, and communicating to him through a Superman Jor-El style hologram system). So now this kid and his friend become wacky ninjas. The whole thing looks idiotic, and I have this unshakable feeling that this was ripped off from something, because I can think of a hundred or so movies and tv shows that start with the same damn premise.

But here’s the catch: It looks just stupid enough to last for a while. Not saying how long, but it will definitely live long enough to see its first season finale, and probably beyond.

But then there’s another catch: the premiere date, January 28th, means that it will have been up and on the air for two weeks before the premiere of Power Rangers Samurai. And on a better day, in a better time slot! 😡

So then with everything else on Nick, does that mean that Power Rangers will have to be in indirect competition with Supah Ninjas? And with the two-week head start, does that mean that Supah Ninjas will get the early advantage. I do not doubt the Power Rangers secret ability to draw in an audience, but I do have to consider the fact that with more action/adventure shows on Nick than on ABC kids or Disney, that this could lead to a second ratings downfall for the series. I just don’t like the whole situation, it’s too ninja-like. Taking a preemptive strike against the samurai forces with a surprise ninja assault. Supah Ninjas, I consider you a worthy adversary.

But you’re still gonna get your butts kicked by Power Rangers Samurai!  😛

-M.C., the quantum twin

UPDATE: (1/21/11) Well, tonight they had a special preview episode of Supah Ninjas at 9pm. It was pretty much the first episode even though it wasn’t official. And I gotta say, it really wasn’t bad. It was TERRIBLE. What wasn’t stupid about it. The plot wasn’t original, the writing was dreadful, it was so full of clichés that it was laughable. And lets not get into the characters. Take the main two characters. One is a teenager who has all these innate physical abilities who apparently comes from a long line of Ninjas, and yet he isn’t cool. His friend is a loudmouth who talks bigger than he can deliver, who has a repertoire of secrets about the other guy, and he pretty much gets to be trained as a ninja because he is the friend. Not to mention that there first villain looks and acts like someone out of the 60’s Batman TV show; he wore a tacky outfit and he was so obsessed with rhyming that he centered all his criminal activity around it. Not to mention the fact that they went on their first mission without completing their training because a girl that the first kid liked had been kidnapped by the villain (where have I seen that before?). And at the end of the show, the girl they rescued figured out who they were and threatened to expose an unrelated secret to the whole school if they didn’t let her in. If I could sum up what I had watched in a single phrase, it would simply be this: It’s been done.

UPDATE: (2/10/11) It’s been awhile now since I’ve seen any promos for Supah Ninjas, and since Power Rangers Samurai just started, I have feeling that we won’t be seeing a whole lot of Supah Ninjas anytime soon.

UPDATE: (2/16/11) Just found this on Actor’s Access, turns out that I might be wrong:  http://www.actorsaccess.com/projects/index.cfm?view=breakdowns&breakdown=256982&