Go-Kaiger Episode One Sneak Peek: Oodles and oodles of Rangers.

Here are a few picks from the upcoming first of Go-Kaiger. A number of blogs have said that this first episode will be called “Legacy War”. Turns out they’re stupid stupid people, since its actually called, officially, “Legend War”. It makes sense when you actually see the picks.

The first part of the episode (which I have a feeling will probably last about five minutes max) features a giant mob of past senshi fighting this seasons cannon fodder:


Then of course, we move to the part of the episode that actually features Go-Kaiger.



And here’s some pics of Go-KaiOh:


And of course, here are the villains, including the main villains and the first villain Go-Kaiger will face:


The main villains, in order, are Insan, Gil, Damaras, and Barizag.

And there you go. Enjoy.

-M.C., the quantum twin