Farewell, Goseiger: A Tribute to one of the finest Super Sentai series I’ve ever seen.

Today was the finale for Tensou Sentai Goseiger, and I must say, they did an excellent job with it! For those of you who saw the episode, skip on to the next paragraph; if not, then keep on reading. The episode started off with very fast-paced action, as they continued their fight with Burajira, starting with a combined suit-less roll call while they individually henshined, fighting Burajira without needing to rely on their super Goseiger powers. Of course, while they fought, the full solar eclipse took place, so Burajira attempted to take advantage of the situation, but they managed to fight him off, even having a giant mecha battle where they summoned the other headders to fight with them, forming a Skyick Landick Seaick Gosei Great, but even that wasn’t enough to stop him, though it made a big dent. After a giant explosion, they find themselves on the ground again with a nearly defeated Burajira, when Alata charges at him once more. Alata asked Burajira again why he was so intent on destroying the very world that gave him life, and Burajira justs gave that maniacal laugh, and thus the fighting started again. After a couple of minutes of back and forth, Alatat struck him down, at least he thought. The eclipse passed, and everything seemed like they were in the clear, but thats when Burajira popped up and allowed himself to be destroyed, filling the drills with his Dark Gosei Power, which shot them into overdrive and left Goseiger ten minutes to stop the drills and save the world from destruction. While they were trying to stop the drills Alata told them all of the great realization he had: that the reason that they were given the powers they have and why they were left on Earth to carry out the Gosei mission even though they were innature, was because they were immature, and after another one of his supershort inspirational speeches, they channeled their Gosei power, flew into the air, and combined their power and focused it across the whole world. Not only did they undo the damage caused by the drills, but the energy was enough to rebuild Heaven’s Tower. After that, there back at Dr. Amachi’s observatory and Master Head is telling them that they are full Gosei angels now, and that they can come back to Gosei World. But they ask to stay on Earth for the time being, so that they can experience more and mature a little more. Nozomu was excited by this, thinking that they planned on staying with them, only to be upset when they tell him that they aren’t. After running out of the room, Alata, goes after him to explain to him that just because they weren’t staying, didn’t mean they would never come back, or that they didn’t care about Nozomu. And with a small goodbye scene on the bridge that they showed in the ending credits, they all flew off to their own way. Datas and GoseiKnight, well they just sort of flew off into nowhere, while the rest of the Goseiger sort of went back to what they were doing before they came together. Hyde landed on the shore, Eri went to a children’s park, Agri and Monet went back into the woods, and Alata landed on top of a building, looking over the city.

So, I think its safe to say, that Goseiger was a suprisingly good series. When I say that, I’m refering to the fact that a lot of people, including myself I’m big enough to admit, thought that this was going to be a flop of a series, as big a fail as Magiranger was(to all Magiranger fans, lets face it, Magiranger wasn’t very good as a Sentai). We saw the advertisements, heard the opening, and nearly wrote the series off before it could start. I thought that this series was purposely targeted at the youngest of the sentai audience, and would be too simplistic to really enjoy. But boy, am I glad to be wrong! This series had me hooked from the first episode, and managed to keep me there through the whole series. It was very innovative too, introducing the headers, the use of the card medium (which may not be original, but is new to Super Sentai), senshi that have intra-group alliances (in other words, the fact that they come from specific tribes and that that identity precedes and nearly supercedes their Goseiger identity), and traditionally non-senshi helpers becoming either full members of the sentai or major partners (i.e., GoseiKnight and Datas).

What really defined the series wasn’t just watching the Goseigers develop and grow into their roles, but also watching Nozomu grow and open up through his friendship with Alata and the others. This has been one of the few series to really put focus on a character that wasn’t ever meant to be either a senshi or anything of the like. And in many ways, despite the fact that he’s about ten years old, he matures almost as much as any of the Goseigers. Not to mention that his “childish” understanding of how the world should work is part of what kept the Goseigers on path through some of the more difficult parts of their journey.

Overall, this has been one of the greatest series to come by in a long time, not to say the ones before it weren’t. It’s uncommon to see two equally good and equally popular Super Sentai series one after another. I guess it’s more of a credit to the writers of the series that they can just keep making gems. I just hope that Go-Kaiger is just as great.

Well this has taken me nearly all day to write, due to your usual set of distractions (chores, emergencies, internet-related schtuff

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