Kaizoku Sentai First Episode Review: Can’t….stop….drooling………..

HenshinHead here to give you M.C.’s review of the premiere episode of Go-Kaiger, because he’s just in a stupor right now, and keeps drooling on the keyboard (gross). Anyway, let’s talk about Go-Kaiger. It was AWESOME!!! From beginning to end, I just couldn’t pull my eyes away from the screen. It started out with the an invasion by the Galactic Empire Zangyaku, the main enemies in this series, with a fleet of their warships attacking the Earth and their ground troops invading, probably the biggest such invasion in sentai history. So, in order to deal with the biggest invasion in Sentai history, you need to gather as many Sentai senshi in one place as you can, right? And there they were, every major sentai team in one place, from Goranger to Goseiger, including sixth rangers. Massive fight scene, people punching and shooting and slashing in every direction, Jetman flew in and bombarded the enemies, Kakuranger and Hurricanger teamed up and knocked out a few, there was a lot of that sort of teaming up based on theme. Once they had eliminated ground support, the warships attacked from above. Akaranger managed to organize everyone and together they built up their collective energies and shot it towards the fleet as a massive ball of energy, wiping out the ships. And that energy was enough to catch the attention of a red, pirate-themed spaceship heading in the direction of Earth. Inside the ship, the parrot robot they have, called Navi, starts going on about some big energy signature coming from the nearby planet (they’re in space, did I forget to mention that?), which they bring up an image of Earth on their monitor. There’s a bit of dialogue that I didn’t understand (it was a raw video), and as they decide to head towards Earth, a fleet ok Zangyaku ships pops up, which they decide to fight, leading into the intro. The intro, by the way, is just superb, it’s filled with scenes of them flying around on Go-KaiGalleon, there’s a part with a huge number of past senshi, and then where their floating around with RangerKeys everywhere, just fantastic. I also like the theme music, sorry that link doesn’t work anymore. After the intro, the focus turns to the inside of the lead ship of the fleet, with a minion holding up the wanted posters for the Go-Kaigers. Then back to Go-KaiGalleon, where they’ve already henshined and are steering the ship into battle. They run through the fleet, knocking out ships with their cannons, tearing one ship in half with the bladed end of the mast. Then, they do one of the greatest things I have ever seen. After quickly changing the ship into Go-KaiOh, the robo runs across the surface of the moon, lunges at the fleet, and flies through hacking the enemy ships to bits, with a lot of flying and swinging around and shooting at people with the cannons in the legs, finishing with a flying kick towards the remaining ships, followed by the finishing pose. Next scene their flying over a city in their ship, weighing anchor in the middle of the street, and announcing themselves to a crowd of very confused people. During this, the scene shifted to the Zangyaku’s main generals and leader, who are talking about taking over the Earth, when they learn that Go-Kaiger might be on Earth. I guess Go-Kaiger was asking for money, because they ended up selling one of Milfy’s (Go-KaiYellow’s) rings, for a very nice sum of money. That’s when they decide to grab some lunch at the Snack Safari (a restaurant from Sun Vulcan). Just as they are about to eat, a giant explosion (which they do some weird slow motion thing for) rips through the restaurant, to which they just don’t really react. They go outside and see its Zangyaku invading, and decide to head back to the ship. The next scene shows an all-out onslaught by Zangyaku on the city below, with the monster of the week leading an infantry of this season’s cannon fodder through the streets attacking people. In all the chaos, a small group of school children with two of their teachers or parents trying to get away from the explosions, only to be cornered by the monster. The Go-Kaigers run through past them, with only Aimu (Go-KaiPink) stopping to say, hey they need help. They stop and watch the monster torment the trapped people wondering whether or not to get involved. Of course, they decide to help, and shoot at the monster before he can do anything to the trapped people. They call out the monster, the monster calls them a bunch of pirates, and then the henshin sequence. This was rather interesting. After yelling out “Go-Kai Change” and using their RangerKeys to unlock the mobirates, the background changes into some sort of outer space scene, where three X’s (and a temporary V) shoot out of the mobirate and falls back on the rangers, dressing them one layer at a time (first black shirt with their Jolly Roger logo, then the jackets and pants, and finally the helmet), and instead of going back to the scene of the fight, they perform their role call with that same background, and the role call itself was very simple and straightforward, giving only their Go-Kaiger title (Go-KaiRed, etc.) and ending with “Kaizoku Sentai Go-Kaiger“, in other words, no special descriptions of either themselves or their team as a whole, I guess a callback to the Showa era Super Sentai. Anyway, the fighting starts, they take out the foot soldiers that are there, and then more foot soldiers pop up. In order to deal with them, they pull out a different set of RangerKeys and henshin into Goranger, using the Hurricane Ball to deal with that group. Then even more soldiers arrive, and they henshin into Shinkenger, following that up with Magiranger to take out the rest. All that’s left now is to defeat the monster-of-the-week, changing back into themselves to finish the job. Using their personal RangerKeys, they supercharge their Go-KaiSabres and finish the monster with “Tidal Wave” (they did a special version of that whole “they can project sword slashes” thing). After the fight is over, they realize that they’ve lost the ship, and that they are stuck there for the time being. The people who they rescued came to thank them, but they said they didn’t want it, and they only fought because their lunch had been interrupted. And that’s how the episode ended. As for the end credits, it was a mix between the opening sequence (a lot of the same stuff in it) and what you would normally see as part of an anniversary special, with direct references to past sentais in the song. And like the ending of any Super Sentai, it gave a special preview of the next episode, but I’d rather not spoil anything.

First impressions: well, since it’s still HenshinHead reporting on this because M.C. still hasn’t quite recovered from that level of awesomeness exposure, that should tell you something. Um, I may need some help getting him out of this. Anyway, most of that episode review was written by him, so I don’t know entirely what he wrote. If I had written it, translating what they said wouldn’t have been a problem, since my helmet has a built-in audio translator. I would translate the dialogue for him, but I know he’s just going to look for a subbed video over the next couple of days anyway, so why bother? The beginning was a lot like the beginning of Kamen Rider Decade, with all the past senshi fighting together against Zangyaku, but they definitely did a much better job with it. It’s an interesting spin on the series, to have the main cast be pirates from space, so they have no real obligation to fight for the people on Earth, but we all know they eventually will. Go-KaiOh looked good and added a new spin to the Sentai mecha tradition, having the other mehca essentially contained inside of Go-KaiOh in Go-KaiGalleon mode, much like stacking dolls. And this episode also contained a lot more CGI than what the series is use to. Some people have complained and said that it’s too much, but I say “Who are you? It’s Super Sentai, and they deserve to have as much CGI as they want. Besides, that’s just how special effects are done nowadays, so get over it, it looks great”. And unlike in the Goseiger V. Shinkeger movie, the henshin sequence for changing into different rangers incorporated parts of that senshi’s henshin sequence, similar to Decade using the past Rider’s henshin sequence when changing into them. So it’s a bit more personal than just the logo in front of them, but I’m sure it was a nightmare for the special effects people. All in all, I’ve got high hopes for this series, so it better deliver. I don’t want to be had by a bunch of swindling pirates!

-M.C., the Quantum twin with HenshinHead

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UPDATE: (2/14/11) (It’s M.C. this time) Just wanted to correct a few things from the review abive, now that I’ve had a chance to see a subbed version of the episode (I seriously need to learn Japanese). Starting with the opening scene, it seem that by collecting their powers together to fend off the Zangyack (and I’ve seen it spelled that way several times now) invasion, they actually lost their ability to essentially be Super Sentai anymore, so there’s a good chance that Go-Kaiger will not run into any past senshi, at least not right away. Turn’s out, by the way, that the only reason that that Go-Kaiger went to Earth is because the greatest treasure in the entire universe is somewhere on Earth. During the scene where they just weighed anchor and are questioning the crowd below, they’re asking the people in the crowd about where the treasure is, and of course no one has ever heard about the treasure so they don’t have a clue. That’s when they decide to eat and sell of Luka’s ring. I wasn’t too far off with the scene with Zangyack, but it turns out that their leader is actually the son of Emperor Zangyack, and even though the Go-Kaigers are wanted outlaws, they considered them a low priority. Big mistake. Anyway, Go-Kaiger got 10 million yen for Luka’s ring, they went to eat at the Sanck Safari, big boom, they see that Zangyack’s lead ship, Gigant Horse, is among the invasion fleet and realizes that they are there to conquer Earth, so they head back to the ship. Then there’s the attack. This season’s foot soldiers/cannon fodder are called Gomins, but I still didn’t catch the name of the monster-of-the-week, my bad. Anyway, skipping ahead to the scene where the Gomins and Shikabanen are tormenting the teacher and the school children, the Go-Kaigers see this, try to talk themselves out of helping, by talking about how the planet won’t be there after tommorow, it will be a Zangyack colony soon, and then they reveal two big, major plot points: 1), they are all from the same planet, and 2) that Zangyack colonized their home world, which is why they opposed them in the past. Captain Marvelous decides he’s seen enough, goes in, big fight scene, I already explained this part, though I should mention that with the teacher and the school children is a women who believes that they are the 35th Super Sentai, not knowing that they are from space. They also comment throughout the fight. And the final attack they used was actually called “Final Wave”. Skip ahead, turns out I was very wrong about them losing the ship, they were just freaked out because now they had officially made themselves enemies of Zangyack. Of cousre, the people thank them, they say there’s no need to, that they are just pirates looking for treasure, and when they ask “then why did you help?”, Marvelous answered that they were upset that they weren’t able to finish their curry (they ordered curry from the restaurant). Next week’s episode involves a man in a black coat, some teenager who questions why the Go-Kaigers aren’t defening Earth (he might also make off with the mobirate and the ShinkenRed RangerKey) and then changing into Dekaranger, Hurricanger, and the five red senshi from the past five series. That’s all for now!

Go-Kaiger First Episode Intro and Outro Up on YouTube

The show just recently premiered over in Japan, while no one has uploaded the episode yet (suprise, suprise), you still might be able to catch the opening and endings. My official Unofficial review: EPIC!