Kamen Rider OOO Gallery: See, I told you I would do it.

Well, here it is. The rumored, mysterious OOO über-gallery that I’ve been talking about for some time. Enjoy:


The above images include the SaGoZo, TaJaDoru, ShaUTa, and PuToTyrra combos. There is also the Panda core (no word on whether it will be used in the show or not). And there’s a rumor going around that Go-Kaiger will henshin into OOO’s various forms based on color: TaJaDoru for Go-KaiRed, ShaUTa for Go-KaiBlue, GataKiriBa for Go-KaiGreen, RaToraTa for Go-KaiYellow, and SaGoZo for Go-KaiPink. And if Go-KaiSilver has arrived, he may be PuToTyrra. And now some pics of Kamen Rider Birth:


Well, not a whole lot of news regarding Birth at this point, but there are some pics out from the OOO, DEN-O, All Rider: Let’s Go Kamen Rider. Take a look at them: 


This is a roadshow movie special, which means that instead of playing in every theater, the movie will be played at different theaters at different points. As you can see, it does have all the past and present riders in it, and it seems that DaiShocker or some other group has resurged, which includes many of the main villains from past seasons. It even has its own special combo for OOO, the Tamashi combo (Taka! Imajin! Shocker!). Well that’s it for now, if you’ll excuse me, Ankh is shaking me down for Medals (For the last time, I don’t have any!). SEEYA!

-M.C., the quantum twin

UPDATE: (3/9/11) Here are some new picks:







That’s it for now.

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