Samurai Vs. Samurai Revisited: Which Episodes will they remake?

To get this out-of-the-way first, yes I know that I’m reusing the same image. It’s a related article, so there should be no surprise.

Now that that’s out-of-the-way, let’s talk episodes. Like I said before in my last post, we can basically expect Power Rangers Samurai to remake the original Shinkenger episodes to come up with a working storyline. So that got me thinking (oh no, I’ve been thinking, run for your life!), of the 49 episodes, two movies, and V-Cinema series release(s?), what will Saban reuse to make Power Rangers Samurai? What will they remake, what will they change, what will they inevitably have to skip over? And why am I asking so many questions?! Let’s go Act-by-Act, episode-by-episode and make some speculations.

  1. Shinkenger Act 1: This is when the Shinkengers first meet and team up, and even though they clearly remade this episode (just look at all the promos) there is still no word on whether they will actually use this stuff in the show itself.
  2. Shinkenger Act 2: First time they formed ShinkenOh, no word on whether or not they will use anything from this episode either.
  3. Shinkenger Act 3: Remade, first official episode of PRS
  4. Shinkenger Act 4: Remade, one with kid that gave up his baseball dreams thinking that the Gedoushu/Nylock would bring back his dead grandpa/military father over seas.
  5. Shinkenger Act 5: Remade, Kabuto Origami/Beetle Zord
  6. Shinkenger Act 6: Remade, episode with the monster that could turn mental pain from his insults into physical pain.
  7. Shinkenger Act 7: Remade, episode that premiered today, featured Kajiki Origami/Swordfish Zord.
  8. Shinkenger Act 8: Remade, comes on next week, the episode where Daiyu (same name for both series) kidnaps a bunch of brides during their weddings, and we learn about how she became a Gedoushu, although there is no guarantee that Saban will use that part of it. In all honesty, I did not expect them to use this episode, just because of the whole “wedding bride” thing.
  9. Shinkenger Act 9: Will definitely be remade, because it has both the Tora Origami/Tiger Zord (will it really be called anything else?), and a Red v. Blue fight (Blue will be possessed by monster-of-the-week and be forced to fight the other Samurai rangers).
  10. Shinkenger Act 10: I’m sure it will be, because it feature the first combination of the Beetle, Swordfish, and Tiger zords to form DaiTeknu (no clue what they’ll call it over here), and it’s one where Chiaki gets more in touch with his Mojikara. I doubt they’ll pass up on a chance to have Mike progress as a character.
  11. Shinkenger Act 11: Maybe, but if they do this one, they’ll have to remake the next one. While Juuzo has already appeared, this will be the first time he’s fought and gone directly after Red. And with this fight, there is an instance of where Red doubts himself enough to run off. So, they might have Jayden go through all that.
  12. Shinkenger Act 12: Like I said before, depends on whether or not they remake Act 11. But if they do, then Jayden will come to accept his new responsibilities after meeting a small kid that reminds him of himself, and they combine the three new zords with the Samurai megazord.
  13. Shinkenger Act 13: I’d say that this one is definitely a maybe. It’s the one where all the children in town are sad because their parents are getting confused by the weird featureless Shiro-Oniko, who are replacing the children in their parent’s eyes. Mako and Kotoha end up fighting alone in this one. Even if there is a bit “girl power” in this one, but I still don’t know if they’ll make this one, partly because it would involve hiring extras to play the Shiro-Oniko.
  14. Shinkenger Act 14: I seriously hope they remake this one. If you want to know why, it’s because of two words: Mister Brown. If they need to, they could replace Mister Brown with scenes that have Bulk or Spike in them.
  15. Shinkenger Act 15: They could possibly do this one. It features a Gedoushu that shapeshifts and poses as Chiaki to get him in trouble with the others, and I’ve noticed over the years that the producers really like episodes like that, so this might make it through.
  16. Shinkenger Act 16: I would definitely say no on this one. This episode is about the Kuroko, and since they aren’t in PRS, I highly doubt they’ll use this episode, unless they heavily edit it and turn it into an episode about helping others or some BS.
  17. Shinkenger Act 17: Yes, because it features ShinkenGold, so they need this episode to formally introduce the Gold Samurai Ranger.
  18. Shinkenger Act 18: Yes, because this is when Genta was accepted as a Shinkenger, so they’ll need to put this one in too. It also has Ika Origami/Squid megazord combine with ShinkenOh for the first time.
  19. Shinkenger Act 19: They might include this one, where Ryunosuke and Genta butt heads over the fact that Ryunosuke didn’t see Genta as a true Samurai. They could have some kind of worked situation between Kevin and whatever they will call Gold, but this might not be necessary.
  20. Shinkenger Act 20: Yes, because it features Ebi Origami/Lobster(?) Zord. This one also has a scene at the end that marks the start of the cross over special between Shinkenger and Kamen Rider Decade, but they can’t use that stuff, for very obvious reasons.
  21. Shinkenger Act 21: Maybe, it has Chiaki and Mako running into Chiaki’s father at a restaurant, and they get involved with an Ayakashi. They could do this one, but by this point they would be either nearing the end of the first season or starting the second. It also leads into the second part of the Shinkenger-Decade special, but, once again, not happening.
  22. Shinkenger Act 22: No, really doubt it. I won’t even explain the episode, that’s how much I doubt they will use it.
  23. Shinkenger Act 23: They might use this episode, they get the Inromaru, but then they’re attacked, and it turns into a two-part episode.
  24. Shinkenger Act 24: In this one, they complete the Inromaru and use it to change into Super ShinkenRed. I have a feeling that they’re going to shrink down what happened into a single episode.
  25. Shinkenger Act 25: They probably will use this one, because it has Daiyu’ shamisen getting torched by Dokoku as punishment for not killing Juuzo. They have an Ayakashi that traps everyone in the dream world, and we really learn about Daiyu’s past, so probably.
  26. Shinkenger Act 26: This one has a duel between Red and Juuzo, and Blue uses the Inromaru, so they’ll use that one.
  27. Shinkenger Act 27: They might use this one, mostly because it’s rather funny. The Ayakashi in this one switches people’s souls out with inanimate objects, so they could do a more Western spin on that and use that one.
  28. Shinkenger Act 28: Yes, because they have DaiGoyou in this episode.
  29. Shinkenger Act 29: Yes, because it would be the first episode about DaiGoyou. Other stuff happens too, but I’ve been doing this now for a while, so I rather not go into too much detail at this point.
  30. Shinkenger Act 30: Maybe, it takes place in a Japanese private school and involves possessed students, so they could skip this one consequence-free.
  31. Shinkenger Act 31: Yes, because it brings Kyoryu origami/Dino(?) zord into the main storyline, and Takeru becomes Hyper ShinkenRed.
  32. Shinkenger Act 32: Yes, they will have to remake both this one and the next, because it introduces Ushi Origami/Bull(?) zord
  33. Shinkenger Act 33: Yes, because they capture Ushi Origami and fight with it as Mogyudaioh (not sure what name they will come up with).
  34. Shinkenger Act 34: Maybe, it’s about Mako and her father wanting her to quit and move to Hawaii with him, so they could use this one, explore more into Mia’s past, maybe have some weird connection with her own mother.
  35. Shinkenger Act 35: Yes, they will need to, because it will be the first instance of Samurai HaOh, and they can rewrite the episode to accommodate for the fact that Kevin is a swimmer, and not a kabuki dancer like Ryunosuke.
  36. Shinkenger Act 36: Definite maybe, this episode only works if they make the Gold Samurai Ranger also a sushi chef.
  37. Shinkenger Act 37: If they use this one, it will purely be for humor value. Basically, the Ayakashi glues ShinkenBlue’s and ShinkenGreen’s hands together, and they have to deal with that. So they’ll probably do that episode.
  38. Shinkenger Act 38: Yes, because it will introduce the MogyuBazooka and have Jii take a day off.
  39. Shinkenger Act 39: Possibly, it involves a town full of deranged, paranoid people attacking each other and the Samurai, and Takeru kind of back pedals in his relationship with the others out of some false sense of weakness.
  40. Shinkenger Act 40: Probably, it would be the first time Dokoku/Xandred would appear in the human world.
  41. Shinkenger Act 41: Probably, because it brings up Kotoha’s sister and her self-image issues, and how far she has gone since the first time this came up.
  42. Shinkenger Act 42: Yes, because in the next episode, Akumaro (sorry I haven’t mentioned him before now) will be destroyed.
  43. Shinkenger Act 43: Read above description.
  44. Shinkenger Act 44: Well, I know for a fact that they will include this one, since it shows that Takeru is a shadow, and that the real head of the Shiba Clan is Shiba Kaoru. And I also know that they will do this for Power Rangers Samurai, and that they already auditioned for the part (it was the same time as all the other auditions).
  45. Shinkenger Act 45: Ok, let’s face it, from this point on they’ll have to do the rest, from here to episode 49.

(for list of episodes, check here:

Now those are the episodes, and I want to pretend that we actually got somewhere with that. If we were to include the movies, the special dvd, and the one V-Cinema release, and depending on what they want to use and how long they will try to stretch out the series, they have more than plenty of material to use to come up with 40 episodes (plus a few specials), so I guess we just need to sit back and see what happens. And I need to update my images, maybe some composite of Takeru and Jayden slashing down (NOBODY STEAL THAT IDEA, I CAME UP WITH IT FIRST). And even though anybody who watched Shinkenger knows what’s going to happen in PRS, we will still sit there and watch it week after week. Because it’s Power Rangers, dammit!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin