After I finished that last post, I had a major epiphany. Power Rangers Samurai will be 40 episodes split into two 20 episode seasons, right? Well, that means each season will last for twenty weeks, provided that they run straight for those twenty weeks. In a year there are 52 weeks. So, theoretically, both seasons could take place this year, spilling over a little into next year. Everyone has speculated (including myself) that Samurai wouldn’t end until the end of next year, but none of us had thought it through. We kept thinking in terms of the length of a normal sentai season, or a season when the show was produced for Disney. No, we need to think now in terms of a season on Nick, which means that they will run all year long, with periods where they have new episodes throughout the year. And as the episodes keep building up, they will eventuslly play reruns regularly. So, instead of the show lasting two years and putting us four seasons behind Super Sentai, it could last just a year, and we would only be two seasons behind. Which is acceptible, provided that the hard core sentai fans would be able to live with it. The main point I’m trying to get at is that we won’t be a far behind sentai as we originally thought. But this is speculation. After all, they could be dicks and just have the first season on and rerun it for the rest of the year and then put up the second season next year, and just have rerun after rerun until they decide to make a new season. But, I pretty sure that it might not go down like that.


Author: M.F. Calhoun

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