Fan Fiction Sentai: Kokusai Sentai Kyujoger

In Japanese, 国際戦隊救助ジャー . Translated means International squadron rescue rangers. In responce to the events that have taken place in Japan in recent days, and inspired by the world-wide responce to the crisis, I came up with this fanfic sentai. Image a mix between Battle Fever J and KyuKyu Sentai GoGoV. Basically it’s a team of rescue and relief workers comprised of members from around the world, brought together by the terrible tragedy that befell Japan. Originally just rescue workers that came to help from their own respective countries and organizations, five of them joined together when a new evil threat appeared to take advantage of the destruction and devastation. That’s all I really have now, if you want to see the rest, the full fan fiction will be available soon.

Whether or not this is in bad taste, I’m not sure. I’ll let you decide.

Power Rangers Samurai and Japan Disaster Update

Even though today they canceled Go-Kaiger and OOO today, we weren’t entirely without any form of tokusatsu. Today the newest episode of Power Rangers Samurai came on today. While it was a carbon-copy of the original Shinkenger episode, with the exception of the Bulk and Spike parts, and a few details such as having Emily stand in for the bride after Mia was captured (in the original episode, Ryunosuke acted as the second stand in, which would have been difficult to explain if they had tried to copy that), at least it was important in that we finally see their version of Fuwa Juuzo, which they are calling Deker. And it seems that all the rumors were true, because Ricardo Medina Jr was credited as the voice of Deker. And for those of you who haven’t heard the rumors, he played Cole in Power Rangers Wild Force, or should I say Wild Force Red Lion Ranger. So credit to whoever figured that out.

As for Japan, there is much destruction across the most affected areas, many people are without drinking water or supplies, there are rolling blackouts that have affected millions across the whole country, and they are still facing the possibility of nuclear meltdown at the facilities damaged by the earthquake. And in a new turn of events, the volcano that was erupting a few weeks before has started up again. And the number of dead and missing just keeps rising.

In some good news, at least for us outside of Japan, it seems that most of the Japanese celebrities have reported in, online and elsewhere, and the majority are safe and uninjured.

In the wake of what has happened, I once again implore everyone to do what you can. I have posted several links to various organizations that have either pledged help or are actively working to help in the most affected areas. I even have a link to the Super Hero Time! relief fund, created in conjunction with CS Toys International and RRR (Rangers, Riders, and Rambles). If you can help in any way, please do. Even if it’s just spreading the word, that would help out a lot.

Super Hero Time! Starts Now!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin