Fan Fiction Sentai: Kokusai Sentai Kyujoger

In Japanese, 国際戦隊救助ジャー . Translated means International squadron rescue rangers. In responce to the events that have taken place in Japan in recent days, and inspired by the world-wide responce to the crisis, I came up with this fanfic sentai. Image a mix between Battle Fever J and KyuKyu Sentai GoGoV. Basically it’s a team of rescue and relief workers comprised of members from around the world, brought together by the terrible tragedy that befell Japan. Originally just rescue workers that came to help from their own respective countries and organizations, five of them joined together when a new evil threat appeared to take advantage of the destruction and devastation. That’s all I really have now, if you want to see the rest, the full fan fiction will be available soon.

Whether or not this is in bad taste, I’m not sure. I’ll let you decide.

Author: M.F. Calhoun

I'm a writer and a blogger just trying have my voice heard in this crazy, shouting world!

One thought on “Fan Fiction Sentai: Kokusai Sentai Kyujoger”

  1. Not sure I’d say its in bad taste man….if anything, it’s one fan’s way of supporting the people of Japan, and showing your enthusiasm for the franchise. I found a picture a while back on TV-Nihon’s forum about the disaster that could move one to tears; it’s along a similar line that your fic is….it shows various Sentai heroes and Riders helping people after the disaster happened, and in the background GokaiGalleon hovers in the sky. I’ll hafta try to get it to you…if I can find it again. Most people didn’t have anything negative to say about that picture though, in fact many had similar reactions saying that it was moving and impressive. Keep those thoughts in mind as you work on your story!

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