Go-Kaiger, OOO, and Super Hero Time Update!

For those of you interested, next Sunday they will have new episodes of both Go-Kaiger and Kamen Rider OOO. Some good news, at least for us toku fans. I just have to wonder if people in Japan will have enough power to see it, since they are still dealing with rolling blackouts across the country.

This brings me to my next point. Yesterday, or should I say last night, this website and myself became official supporters of the Super Hero Time Japan Relief Fund, which, as you may have read on the original RRR post, is the combined efforts of RRR, CS Toys, Henshin Justice Unlimited, and many other reviewers, vloggers, bloggers, and general toku fans, to bring some form of relief to those devasted by the tragic and terrible events that have taken place since the earthquake, which many are now measuring at 9.0. What many are going through in Japan is almost unimaginable. So I implore you, once again, please help in any way you can. I will repost the link to the SHT ChipIn site right here: http://superherotime.chipin.com/super-hero-time 

You are more than welcome to follow this link, and give however much you want. Any amount will help. You can even copy this link and put it on your own stuff, whether it’s a blog, a Facebook page, a Tweet, whatever you use, as long as the word gets out. As I type this, there is the possibility of an explosion at the third functioning nuclear plant, and the possibility of nuclear meltdown is now greater than ever. Many people are without food, water, electricity, even shelter in some extreme cases. If you still have doubts about helping, then think about this: Monday morning in Japan, over 1000 dead bodies washed up on shore in the Northern part of Honshu, the main island of Japan. They were all people who had been drowned and dragged away by the tsunami that resulted from that 9.0 earthquake. They need all the help they can get over there, and you could be a real hero to someone. So please, follow the link above and donate.

As they said on the original RRR post, everyone, let’s henshin, get out our giant robos, and let’s get out there and help. And if you need a little inspiration:

BTW, just so you know that I’m serious about this, I’m not even going to post a celebratory piece about hitting 2000 visits(!). Thanks for that. Please help, and thank you for listeneing.