Kokusai Sentai Kyujoger: More details.

I may have devoted the last fews days to everthing that has happened in Japan, and to getting people to donate and help with the relief effort (by the way, the site is still an official supprter of the Super Hero Time Japan Relief effort, so if you could click one of the links in the previous posts, that would be super), but I still have stuff I need to do, things I need to post, and since there isn’t going to be any major toku news anytime soon, I thought I would go more into the fanfic Super Sentai I came up with the other day, which I’m calling Kokusai Sentai Kyujoger.

For those who didn’t see original post, Kokusai Sentai Kyujoger means International Task Force Rescue Rangers. Created both as a responce to the tragic events in Japan, and inspired by the overwhelming international responce to this crisis, I came up with this fanfic sentai. If I had to compare it with actual series, I would say it’s a mix between Battle Fever J and KyuKyu Sentai GoGoV, only with better looking costumes and without the cheesy dancing. The main team consists of five members from all across the world, relief workers who came from various countries and various organizations to help with this crisis, and brought together to fight an evil that rose to take advantage of the terrible situation.

The team consists of the following members (the team follows the RBYPB color scheme) :

KyujoRed Name: Hayashi Akira    Country of Origin: Japan      Age: 25

As a member of the Japan National Defense Force, he was already on duty after the initial earthquake, and worked in the areas most affected by the resulting tsunami. His commitment to helping is a matter of deep personal pride for his homeland. Because of this, he was made leader of this new team. But this acts as a source of internal conflict when he is sent on missions outside of Japan, as he feels that he must stay and help until a complete recovery has been made.

KyujoBlue Name: Sam Jacobs    Country of Origin: United States    Age: 21

Originally a volunteer with the American Red Cross, he is very idealistic, even though he is quiet and keeps to himself most of the time. He has a deep desire to help anyone in need, and this desire combined with his his physical and mental prowess mad him the perfect candidate to be KyujoRed’s second-in-command. It should be noted that unlike the rest of the Kyujogers, he is not of Asian heritage (spoiler alert), and while this doesn’t cause conflict with the others, there are situations where he makes the occasional cross-cultural faux pas. But he’s a fast learner, and a valued member of the team.

KyujoYellow Name: Aanjay    Country of Origin: Indonesia    Age: 20

When Indonesia offered to aid it’s citizens in Japan, Aanjay volunteered to head over as part of the relief effort. For her (yes, it’s a girl) it was a chance to explore the world beyond her home in Jakarta, and the chance to give the kind of help she and her family recieved following the tsunami that struck Indonesia in 2006. Her enthusiasm and willingness to go out and help makes her a asset to the team.

KyujoBlack Name: Jim Takeda    Country of Origin: Australia    Age: 23

A man of Japanese heritage, he was born in Australia, and has lived there his entire life. He worked for Doctors Without Borders at the time, and went over to provide on-site medical care working with Japanese Emergency responders. He was initially hesitant to the idea of joining Kyujoger, unsure of what that would mean for his career back home. But as he witnessed the atrocities commited by the evil group (insert name here), he knew then that he had to act. And he hasn’t looked back since.

KyujoPink Name: Marie Hana Ueda    Country of Origin: France    Age: 19

An aid worker from France, she is of both Japanese and French decent. While she may have been born in France, and living in France at the time, she is a well-traveled person who has seen much of the world. A very compassionate person, she immediately wanted to assist with the relief effort. When she was offered the chance to join Kyujoger, she immediately took it, hoping to feel a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment by helping others and fighting off the (insert name here). And even though she is the youngest of the group, she very much fills the role of big sister for the whole team.

That’s the team so far, although I may include more, since over 34 countries so far have pledged support in real life. Keep checking in on this, I may soon have a name for the bad guys, and maybe a few sketches or something of how the team will look. I would like to know what you think of this. You’re welcome to leave a comment below. And if any actual news pops up, I’ll be sure to let you know.

And remember these two things: 1) This is a fan fiction, this does not in any way represent any future Super Sentai series, and 2) Japan could use some real heroes at the moment, and if you can donate to SHT, you would be a hero to someone who really needs help right now.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

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