New polls, and a possible expansion.

Hey everbody. I’ve been poking around some interesting non-toku-related sites lately, and they’ve given me some very questionable ideas. I say questionable, because I’m not sure if you’ll go for it. Basically, I’ve been thinking about expanding, not necessarily the site, but from a general standpoint. I’ve been looking over sites like, and it gave me these ideas. But before I do anything overly rash or impulsive (which is very easy to do on the internet), I wanted you’re opinions first. Check out the poles below:

If you like any of this, please vote above. If you have any other questions, pleas feel free to leave a comment below. And if more than 5 people could vote on these, that would be awesome.

Kamen Rider Statue still standing after tsunami.

This is a picture of the Kamen Rider statue in Ishinomaki in Miyagi, both the hometown of Kamen Rider and one of the areas hit by the tsunami. As you can see, even though so much around it was destroyed, the statue is still standing. It now stand as a symbol of hope and a source of courage for the victims of the tsunami.

Original story here: