New site: No, I’m not changing this one.

Hey there everybody. If you saw the last post, then you saw that I put up some polls asking about merchandise for this site. Well, there’s a reason I asked. Presenting, the official henshinhead merchandise site: henshinGARB!

You’re site for all things (apparal-related) henshinhead! Check it out!

Note: Just opened the shop, so there is only one item there at the moment. And I will soon add stuff that will be for the Super Hero Time Japan Relief Effort, in other words stuff where I will donate the profits for it to SHT.

UPDATE: Just added a second shirt to the site, and it’s one of the items I plan on donating the sales of to SHT, so go check it out.


Author: henshinhead

I'm a blogger, writer, artiste, gamer, madman, and super-powered being from another dimension. My day involves blogging about geek stuff, building my own little worlds, and saving this world from evil organizations and giant monsters. What's your day like? ;P

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