Personal Update and Reminder: I am outta here!

Hey everybody, just thought I would take a minute to remind everybody that I will be gone this Saturday, visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Orlando. Yes, I know, what’s the point of opening up the park when the whole “Harry Potter Mania” thing when they are about to release the last movie, but it still looks fun. Anyway, I will basically be unavailable tomorrow, since I will be in there all day, and I don’t have an internet enabled phone to send you constant updates with, so I’ll just tell you about it Sunday. Then again, since I won’t get home ’til after midnight, I might not have the attention span to do so. You’ll just have to check in to see.

That’s it for now. Just a reminder, I have a new Twitter account that is linked to this website, so follow me for new updates here.

Of, and before I foget, I found this pic. It looks legit, and could be the single greatest thing EVER! Check it out:


Just kidding! April Fool’s! Credit to Lavendar Ranger at Henshingrid for making this. I promise, next year I’ll make my own prank. Ja na.


Author: henshinhead

I'm a blogger, writer, artiste, gamer, madman, and super-powered being from another dimension. My day involves blogging about geek stuff, building my own little worlds, and saving this world from evil organizations and giant monsters. What's your day like? ;P

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