Super Hero Time! Final Update: Thanks Everybody!

Saturday April 9th was officially the last day of the Super Hero Time! Japan Relief Effort. The final donations came in and the final amount came to $8,255! That is certainly more than they were expecting, and a good sum of money for an upstart fundraiser. And since the money is going directly to Mr. S at CSToys Blog, and he has already arranged to hand this money over to charities in Japan, I’m sure it will go to good use. On behalf of SHT for this site, I just want to thank everyone that donated to the relief effort. It’s amazing what we can do when we come together. For everyone that donated, you should all consider yourselves real heroes. If you’d like a real henshin device to go with that title, please feel free to contact me. But in all seriousness, I would just like to say thank you, your donation will really help someone out.

Upcoming Kamen Rider OOO Episode: It’s Ankh’s Body!

Look what I found! It’s a preview picture of Ankh’s upper body and face, and it’s awesome!

I like the whole leather jacket feel. Original post here:


Kamen Rider W Returns!: Accel’s and Eternal’s Time in the Spotlight.

For anyone that watched Kamen Rider W, you understand it’s epicness. And it seems that epicness can’t be contained just to the series. So now we have two V-Cinema releases from the series: Kamen Rider Accel and Kamen Rider Eternal. They’ve each gotten their own direct release sequel, or in Eternal’s case pre-quel, and both are nearing their release dates. And of course, both have a ton of pics and scans for each. So let’s start off with Kamen Rider Accel’s sequel.
Kamen Rider W RETURNS!: Kamen Rider Accel
The main synopsis of this movie is Terui Ryu, a.k.a. KR Accel, has disappeared on assignment sometime after his marriage to Naruki Akiko. He shows up at a crime scene, working for the bad guys?! With a mysterious woman?!! And he might have shot Jin???!!!! What’s going on here?! Looks like it’s up to Phillip and Shotaro to solve the crime and count up some sins. Or is it?
Turn’s out that Ryu might still be working undercover to bust another crime syndicate trying to restart Gaia memory production. And to take out this new enemy, he’s going to need a new form. Kamen Rider Accel Booster!
Using the new Gaia memory Enhancer (not a new memory, a new device) he’s able to supercharge his Accel memory to make this new form. And one of the biggest perks seems to be the new-found ability to fly. Unless they decide to go with the same route they went with Kamen Rider DEN-O, this will probably be a one time thing. But I have a strong feeling that they will end up going that way with W. Anyway, that’s all I have on this movie, so onto the next!
Kamen Rider W RETURNS!: Kamen Rider Eternal
This movie is a mix between a preqeul and a sequel, as Miina, a super soldier with ESP played by Takahashi Rin (ShinkenPink of Shinkenger) recounts her experience with Daido (Eternal) as a hero(!) before he was corrupted into the state he was found in the Kamen Rider W FOREVER Movie. That’s right. Before the whole NEVER thing, he used his second chance at life for good. And that’s not the only surprise.
Kazu Jun returns representing Foundation X, and becomes Utopia Dopant in an “Evil vs. Evil” fight. This time Foundation X is sponsoring Quarks, the group responsible for Project NEVER.
It seems that throughout this movie, they will also meet various future members of NEVER, including Kyosui, the future Luna Dopant, and Reika, the future Heat Dopant.
Also introduced is the new Kamen Rider Eternal Red Flare form, a product of the T1 Eternal Memory. The full potential of Eternal is drawn out with the T2 Eternal Memory, whose form is actually called Blue Flare.
I don’t know about the new dopant, be sure to let you know soon.
Anyway, that’s it for now, be sure to let you know if anything else comes up, and I’ll try not to take over a week to report it.
-M.C., the Quantum Twin

My Challenge To You!: Bioman English dub.

Hey everbody, sorry for the week of silence, you’re about to see a bunch of new posts about to come out. For right now though, I want to talk about something very important.

Recently, I watched the first five episodes of Choudenshi Bioman, but these weren’t ordinary episodes. I episodes watched were DUBBED in English. And these weren’t fan dubs, these were the official english language versions of Bioman, released by Toei. Now the person that uploaded these episodes to YouTube said that these episodes were dubbed over as an attempt to bring Super Sentai to the US, but Wikipedia says that these episodes were made for English-speaking countries in Asia, the Phillipines in particular. One says there are only a handful of these dubbed episodes, the other claims that the entire series was dubbed over. And dammit I need to know for sure.

So my challenge to all of you out there is to find out and find as many of these episodes as you can. For anyone that can bring me these episodes, I will hereby delcare you my bestestest friend EVER, I will follow or friend you on whatever you might have (Twitter, YouTube, blog, email, whatever so long as it is something I can follow), I will share my actual name and email with you (no spam), and if I happen to like you enough, who knows, you might even get to contribute to the blog. But that’s only if you can find these episodes! Keep in mind, the last one is only on a maybe status, but crazier things have happened.

If you happen to find these, or know where they can be found, and wish to contact me about it, feel free to leave a comment on this post, or you can contact me on YouTube (because I’m not always so imaginative, my YouTube username is henshinhead), or you can tweet me (that’s @henshinhead).

Now go out and find it! Ganbatte!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin