Go-Kaiger Epic news!: Go-KaiSilver and ShinkenGo-KaiOh Debut!

Ah, you gotta love all those new scans that pop-up every month. This time we have several scans for Go-Kaiger. First up, let’s cover the biggest bit of news, Go-KaiSilver’s personal robo Go-JyuJin, and his first Legend Machine, Hurricanger’s FuuRaiMaru!

Here we have Go-KaiRed and Go-KaiSilver together in front of the lower half of Go-JyuJin, which looks oddly Gundam-like from this position, and a sea of past senshi representing their rank and color scheme. And while this pic is cool, it’s not why we’re here today. It’s for this pic:

That’s right, it’s not a sketch, it’s an actual DX toy version. It has three modes, the main robo mode, a  tyranosaurus mode, and a drill battleship mode. A bit of a nod to past dino robos, in particular AbarenOh, it features a red helmet with a gold visor, an anchor symbol similar to the Go-Kaiger Jolly Roger, and several drill gimmicks that are related to Go-KaiSilver’s weapon Go-KaiSpear. It’s big, bad, and blue. And already has a Legend Machine to go with it.

The Legend Machine for Hurricanger, this is an upgraded and green version of FuuRaiMaru, one of the smaller robos from the karakuri balls used in the formation of Gorai Senpujin. For it’s combination with Go-KaiOh, it divides into five parts to fit into the five hidden compartments in Go-KaiOh, and a Senpuujin helmet pops out and tops Go-KaiOh. In this combined form, (no real name yet) it can shoot out multiple shurikens from the hidden compartments in the arms and legs, and can combine the two larger two-point shurikens into one four-sided shuriken weapon that can be held. Whether this is suppose to be the next released Legend Machine or not, I’m not sure. But it does look surprisingly good, even if it wasn’t something actually used in Hurricanger.

But that isn’t the only surpirse I have for you today.

There have been a lot of rumors about ShinkenGo-KaiOh, and what they will use for their Legend Machine, and it seems that GaoLion will be pulling double duty. GaoLion will be appearing in the next episode of Go-Kaiger, along with GaoGo-KaiOh. And supposedly the Shinkenger episode will be the episode after next. I guess Go-KaiOh by itself didn’t have the proper leg shape they wanted. GaoLion first combines with Go-KaiOh by taking the place of the legs and having Go-KaiOh ride it. For the second combination to for ShinkenGo-KaiOh, the hind legs detach and combine with the arms, the head detaches and combines with the chest, and stuff unfolds to reveal the kanji of the Shinkenger Origami, in the order they appear on ShinkenOh. They also get a helmet similar to the ShinkenOh helmet, and a Rekka Daizatou. And they can form a secondary  weapon using Go-KaiOh’s sabres, what looks like a bow or a double-bladed sword. While I feel a little ripped off that they didn’t make a separate Legend Machine for Shinkenger, it does look really cool.

That’s all for now, if anything else pop out of those hidden compartments, I’ll be sure to analyze and dissect it, and tell you what I find.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

UPDATE: (4/17/11) Found a bigger, fuller pic of the first one, and it includes two RangerKey sets!

Apparently, there’s an arm swapping gimmick between Go-JyuJin and Go-KaiOh, and the next Ranger Key set includes Tyranno Ranger, HurricaneRed, Battle Japan, GoseiRed, and Red Racer, and the first set of RangerKeys for Go-KAiSilver will include MagiShine, DekaBreak, Shurikenger, ShinkenGold, and the Anchor Key that unlocks his Gold form (for info on that, just check the last post in Go-KaiSilver). If I find anything else, I’ll let you know.

Found something else!

This is a scan of the full page that FuuRaiMaru was on, and as you can see on the bottom, they seem to have made a top battle-like game using the Shinobi Medals. More word on this if I find out that anybody cares.