Oh, yeah, I almost forgot something……. OVER 5000 VISITS!!!!!!!!

Well, it’s more like over 5100 visits at this point, but still, OVER 5000 VISITS! WAHOO! Wait, wrong genre. How about YA DA! Anyway, here’s hoping for 5000 more! 😉 And be sure to keep coming back for all your favorite things. Never know when something new will pop up!

Author: M.F. Calhoun

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3 thoughts on “Oh, yeah, I almost forgot something……. OVER 5000 VISITS!!!!!!!!”

  1. {sigh} First off let me explain that the copyright issue with Toei could not have come at a worst time along with the Nuclear Crisis in Japan. And frankly I wondered if it was the right time to complain due to the diaster of the Tsnuami and the Earthquake in Japan. After reading M.C. comments and finding out Team NewCanada who was the only one that provided Power Rangers Samurai Episodes on Youtube was terminated thanks to Toei. My comments are not aganist Japan who is suffering right now . But against Toei the corporation who refuses to let fans overseas watch their creations. Now their can be two conclusions to this either A, Toei’s started to lose money and drastic measures had to be taken. Or B, They are real shitheads .

    For Many years You could find anything on Youtube anything I tell you. But then the Economy started to get bad and it began to affect the site as well. Many websites fearing that piracy was a main issue invoked Copyright laws on almost everything.

    And I am not talking about Kamen Rider or Super Sentai either thought it’s only a small fraction of the problem. You could no longer download movies on Youtube or music hell pratically anything. For those who think that I am lying take these advice
    When you go to the upload section on Youtube. There’s a reminder not to load any Copyrighted material of course that doesn’t stop people from doing it. But it just shows that Youtube is a Hypocrital System.

    Problems with Super Sentai and Kamen Rider only began about a year ago with DTKingdom’s Termination from Youtube. That was the signal for Toei to begin their campaign and they have been doing it ever since. Now personal I think that he was too arrogant for his own good because apparently he never saved a second file and when asked said “why Not or Didn’t need one” something like that .

    Meaning just because he had the vast majority of the Franchise on his site didn’t mean he couldn’t be liable for Copyright infringement . Meaning that Sooner or later they could get him he was just the sacrificial lamb so that Toei could get their prize.

    There is a million ways to settle this without threating a fight to Toei. But Does Toei want to Talk to it’s fans or are they going to tell us to “SHUT THE FUCK UP”.

    If anyone is aware of Team Four-Star They are responsible for making a parody of Dragon Ball Z. Toei took them down for Copyright Content despite the fact that they gave all ownership to Toei. One of they fans suggested that they Talk to Toei But Team Four-Star Doesn’t want to be a “blip on their radar” .

    I suggest that while we continue to be defiant at least try to Talk to Toei at least keep the option of Diplomacy open.

    In the meantime continue to Upload videos whenever you can whoever you can whether it openly or discreet.

    I would suggest that the fans download all of Zyuranger to Gokaiger and try to put them to Youtube but that’s a long shot so I won’t hold my breath.

    1. Uhhh…..
      1.) I have a couple of other posts where I basically rant about Toei and other such companies, and this comment would probably have been more appropriate to one of those.
      2.) I understand and agree with what you’re saying, and you should know that some of these people have mentioned are back up with new channels, in fact I’m YouTube friends with DtKingdomRising (that’s what he calls himself now).
      3.) I don’t mind the rant (especially since it’s not about the blog), but if you could keep it a tad shorter, so that it would be easier on everyone involved. I would appreciate it.

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