Go-Kaiger in Spring: A look into the habits of space pirates in upcoming episodes.

I’ve got some new magazine scans for you! And unlike other scans this month, they actually have new and upcoming stuff in them. And I have some pics of of the Sixth Ranger Keys! But first:

Looks like the Shinkenger episode is coming up next, and it will feature Shiba Kaoru/ who is apparently teaching Joe how to fight with one sword. I’m guessing that this episode brings out the past, as it has past versions of them in the scan, including the rumored relationship between Joe Gibukan and Barizog. And somehow Go-KaiSilver plays into all of this, but no word on where he will be coming into the series. And it looks like Go-KaiOh will be getting a new Legend Machine combination, possibly movie-only formation, which could be the Varidreen from Goranger.  In fact if I’m not mistaken, the caption says Goreso-Go-KaiOh, but that probably isn’t the official name.

Anyway, here are the Sixth Ranger Keys,  some of them don’t have pictures for the back available yet.

  No back, but probably the same as Hurricanger.

 Again, no back, but probably just the Dekaranger symbol.

 Didn’t see that one coming!

  His key is actually gold, not just yellow. Other gold senshi will have the same color.

 Yes, both Go-onGold and Go-onSilver count as sixth rangers. This has already been established.

Well, there doesn’t really seem to be any real difference between these keys and the other Ranger Keys. There were rumors that some of the sixth rangers would have different symbols on the backs, but that only seems true for TimeFire. Of course, these probably aren’t the official Ranger Keys, since the back of the BattleKenya Key (not show) is green, when he has a black costume. Plus all of these keys have the same teeth-shape, so they’re probably just the same key re-worked in a program like Photoshop. Since DekaMaster now counts as a sixth ranger, who knows how many other Ranger Keys will either come out or appear in the series. So there may be a chance that other keys like X-1 Mask could come out.

Anyway, what do you think, are there any other Ranger Keys that you would like to see? I know it would be cool to see an AkaRed Key, even though it would be really redundant. And if anything else comes out, I’ll be sure to let you know.

-M.C, the Quantum Twin

UPDATE: (4/21/11) Hey, here are the rest of the Ranger Keys, just because.

just for the site.

While there isn’t a Bull Black Key front picture, the back of the key has popped up.

If anything else pops up, I’ll let you know!

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