Power Rangers: The New Star Trek (via That Media Girl)

An interesting analysis to say the least. As a big fan of both, I can’t help but to go into uber-nerd mode over this article.

Power Rangers: The New Star Trek What better way to kick off my Power Rangers series than with an analysis of the series as a whole? I'll explain the Star Trek in a little bit. For a little back story, Power Rangers is an American series that utilized stock footage of zord battles and the heroes in costume from Japan's Super Sentai series, the first being Might Morphin' Power Rangers that utilized both the Zyuranger series in the beginning and Dairanger and Kakuranger in the lat … Read More

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Power Rangers Samurai Quizzes | Which Ranger Are You? | Nick Quiz

Power Rangers Samurai Quizzes | Which Ranger Are You? | Nick Quiz

via Power Rangers Samurai Quizzes | Which Ranger Are You? | Nick Quiz.

Like the Nylock quiz, only this time your matched with a ranger! And guess what? I’m the red ranger! (According to the quiz) I think it should still count though.

Female(?!) Red Samurai Ranger: Saw this one coming a mile away…

Well, now that the Gold Samurai Ranger has debutted, everyone is all abuzz about the the debut of the Female Red Samurai Ranger. Which, for those of us who watched Shinkenger, it’s not that big a shock.

The big news here is that people think they’ve figured out who has been cast as the female Red Ranger, but just remember that this is rumor and speculation, so I wouldn’t freak out yet if I was you, at least not until anything can be confirmed.

This is New Zealand-born actress Kimberly Crossman, the person currently rumored to be playing the role of the Female Red Ranger, whose name is suppose to be something like Meghan or Lauren. I’m not sure about the name, but I do remeber form the Breakdown (casting call) that her character was going to be refered to as the Princess. Excellent work with that translation, #TV-Nihon. Anyway, the reason everyone suspects that she’s going to play the role is because she’s been tweeting about Samurai fighting, and skills and training, as part of an acting role she’s been picked for. But that’s not the only reason.

Before their roles on the show were confirmed, both Paul Shrier and Rick Medina hinted on their Facebook pages about being part of PRS, and it is possible that she could be doing the same with Twitter (By the way, you can follow me on Twitter, just look for @henshinhead). And Hector David Jr. (Mike/Green Samurai Ranger) tweeted that filming for the series is still on-going, while the suit-actor Namiehi Koshinge posted on his blog that they already finished filming for the last episode of Power Rangers.

With this news, and conflicting reports about filming, people have speculated two things: 1) That Kimberly Crossman will be  playing the role of the Female Red Samurai Ranger, and that she might appear much sooner than expected, and 2) That Power Rangers Samurai might try to pull a Zeo or a Zyu2 and just take the current cast and carry them over into the Goseiger adaption. I’m not sure about all of that, but I think that it’s finally sinking into Nickelodeon just how successful this show could be again. We all know it, but the tv execs at Nick are a little slow, so we’ll just give them time to figure it out. Especially if they figure out to put the merchandise into more than one freakin’ store!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Kamen Rider OOO Summer Movie Update: Oh, Gara is a woman. My bad.

Now that we finally have a title for the movie, and know a bit more about BuraKaWani Combo, we’re getting a bit more detailed version of the plot.

The movie starts off with Kougami and Satonaka headed off for Germany. Gara (played by Sakai Miki), the alchemist who created the Core Medals, is lying dormat deep within a German forest. Legend has it that Gara has the “Lost Medals” with her, so naturally Kougami has to go over to Germany to find and revive her.

During this ceremony meant to revive Gara, the room suddenly fills with a mysterious melody, and the lid to Gara’s tomb flies off, and hundreds of medals come flying out. As they enter the forest, suddenly 200-300 meters of the forest changes into Shinjuku!

Mean while back in Japan, Shinjuku district is slowly being replaced by the German forest, and everyone is in a panic. Medals start slithering out of the forest like snakes, and come together to for a medieval tower in the middle of the displaced forest. Knights start pouring out of the tower and Gara finally reveals herself.

Okay. before I go any further, I jsut have to say this: Gara is dressed like a Super Sentai villianess. Seriously, I’m halfway expecting her to send the Putty Patrol after OOO. Yes, Gara is the one on the left. We’ll get to the one on the right in a second, so just hold your horses.

When Gara shows up, she proclaims that she will take back all of the Core Medals, and that she will destroy this world and build a new one for her to rule over. She manages to even take the Taka Core, leaving Eiji unable to henshin. She also sends out one of her familiars, Bell (played by Agino Karin) to go around town and ask people strange questions. Not sure how that’s part of the plan, but it is.

Seeing Shinjuku change into a forest, Eiji, Hina and Ankh rush in, only to find themselves in Edo! And somehow they’ve all gotten separated from each other. Gara creates the Nue Yummy and sends it after Eiji, but with no way to henshin and no back-up, how will Eiji survive?! What happened to Ankh and Hina? And where are the other Greeed and Dr. Maki in all of this? The countdown to the End has begun!

And what happened to Lost Ankh, and how did Uva come back?

There are too many questions!!!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

YouTube – Kamen Rider Fouze Female Cast Confirmed

YouTube – Kamen Rider Fouze Female Cast Confirmed

via YouTube – Kamen Rider Fouze Female Cast Confirmed.

No, Fouze won’t be female, but this woman will be a female helper.

More Go-Kaiger episode and toy scans: The first actual picture of Go-KaiSilver we’ve seen.

So this is probably the first real pic of Go-KaiSilver in his standard mode, everything up to now has been partial pics or pics of his Gold Mode. And that is a double-close-up of Gai Ikari, the person chosen by the fallen Sixth Senshi to be Go-KaiSilver.

As I’ve said written in previous posts, Gai Ikari starts out as a Super Sentai fanboy. He saves a girl’s life but gets hurt in a car accident because of it. While he is unconscious, he enters into a dream-like state where he runs into three past warriors, Dragon Ranger, TimeFire, and Abarekiller as Mikito. They were impressed by his actions and deemed him worthy of being the sixth Go-Kaiger. When he wakes up, he has the Go-KaiCellular and tries to join the other Go-Kaigers, but is initially rejected by them. Will this Sentai fanboy ever become a Sentai warrior?

These next two pics shoe Go-KaiSilver in Gold Mode, and of the many faces of Go-JyuJin. AS mentined before, he can enter this Gold Mode through a special AnchorKey inserted into the bottom of the cellular. And Go-JyuJin has three forms, Go-JyuDrill, Go-JyuRex, and his robo form.

These next four scans are magazine covers that have both Kamen Rider OOO and Go-Kaiger news. These are proving to be two very popular series. And of course, Toei has done everything it can to promote the two coinciding anniversaries.

The rest of these scans are from a magazine/toy catalogue. Apparently, the joint gattai figures are very popular. And of course the rest of the magazine scans include images from both the movie and the series. All of which leaked onto the internet about a month ago.

That’s all for now. For those of you in the States, I hope your enjoying your day off. For everyone else, I hope that your Monday hasn’t been completely terrible. If anything else comes up, I’ll be sure to let you know.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

UPDATE: You know, I knew when I started on this post someone was holding something back. Here are some more pics that I only just found.

All of these are from the 199 Heroes movie, just a taste of the final battle scene.

And this is the GIGANTIC collocetion of toys that will be slowly coming out during and after Go-KaiSilver debuts. And as much as I would like to own every last thing I see in these pictures, this is all together about $500 worth of stuff, probably. At least thtat’s what it would cost after import taxes and shipping. Oh well, one can dream…

UPDATE: (5/31/11) Guess what? I found even more pics! Take a look:

Okay, not a whole lot of new stuff here, but those are some pretty coll RangerKeys for GoseiKnight and GaoSilver!

Go-Kaiger Episode Update: Basco just loves tooting his own horn.

Don’t get too excited, this isn’t an episode review, I’m not doing weekly episode reviews yet. Think of this more as a collection of screencaps from the episode, which would be an accurate description. I’m not sure what the captions say, but the pics are still pretty good. Personally, I’m a bit more interested in analyzing Basco as a character.

So here we have Basco flying to Earth, meeting up with Zangyack as a Privateer, and we get to see into his shared past with “Marv-chan”. And yes, their captain was the real AkaRed. I had my own theories on that, but I guess that I was wrong. They were both members of the “Red Pirates”, captained by AkaRed, and they spent a good deal of time together, which made his betrayl that much worse, which is why Marvelous outright attacked Basco on the spot.

So Basco did betray them to Zangyack, so that he could look for the Greatest Treasure in the Galaxy by himself. He also tried to steal the RangerKeys, but was only partly successful, because it looks like he only got the Sixth RangerKeys, not that he needs the others. I don’t know why he has a gold mobirate, it seems to only work as a phone, because there’s gold plating over all the parts of the mobirate that work with the henshin sequence.

Like I said earlier, he tried to steal the whole chest of RangerKeys when he betrayed the others and joined Zangyack, and even though AkaRed got back the chest and gave the keys to Marvelous, he somehow got the sixth RangerKeys, which he uses with that trumpet-thing (still don’t know what it’s called) to summon these past senshi to fight in his place.

They beat the first five, but at somepoint Basco called out the others, and the much-bigger group of summoned senshi beat our heroes!

So not only does he capture the crew, he leaves behind the RangerKeys of the beaten senshi, they’re just useless now as far as that guy is concerned. What a self-absorbed jerk!

Next Week…

It’s Sentai VS Sentai! And not in the VS Movie sense.

So that leaves us with a whole lotta questions. Was AkaRed really defeated? (okay, we can already guess not, since he will also be in the 199 Hero Movie) Where did Basco get that trumpet? Will he end up throwing away all the RangerKeys he has, and is that how Go-KaiSilver will get the Sixth RangerKeys? Who knows, but at least we have a big fight to look forward to next week! And for those of you who are either in Japan, or can be there anytime to see it, the Go-Kaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Movie will come out next Saturday (not this coming Saturday, but the one after), on June 11th.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Official Summer Movie Website for Go-Kaiger AND OOO!: I smell a team-up!

The official website for both Go-Kaiger‘s and OOO‘s summer movie is up and open! So far, the site features a teaser trailer, and an update on the OOO movie, mostly about Matsudaira Ken, the person who will be playing the Shogun in the movie. This is his first role in tokusatsu, but he has played the role of this shogun, Tokugawa Yoshimune, in the historical drama Abarenbo Shogun. He was offered the role not just because he played the role before, but he is also the man when it comes to historical plays for Toei.

While there still isn’t any real news yet for the Go-Kaiger summer movie, the Go-Kaiger Goseiger 199 Hero Movie is coming to theaters June 11, and the buzz about it just gets bigger and bigger. Looks like they really will have all 199 heroes in the movie, along with all the past mecha and vehicles. It’s shaping up to be one big movie.

For a link to the official website, click here: http://ooo-gokai.jp/ I will also include this link into the blogroll.

That’s all for now, as always I will update you when anything else pops up. And no, there aren’t any rumors of a team-up between the two in their movies, I just think that would be cool.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Kamen Rider OOO Summer Movie Title Announced!: I’ve run out of clever things to say!

The title for OOO’s summer movie has officially been announced. The title is Kamen Rider OOO: WONDERFUL Shogun and 21 Core Medals. The movie is set for release August 6th and will run alongside Go-Kaiger’s summer movie.

And now that we have the title, we now have a real plot outline for the movie. Gara, the alchemist who created the Core Medals out of his obsession with desire 800 years ago, has been revived. And now he’s trying to take back the Core Medals so that he can create a new world. He attacks Eiji and Ankh and starts turning people into Medals. During all of this, time gets distorted and part of Tokyo changes into Old Edo. In order to end the chaos, OOO will have to work with the Shogun of the time, Tokugawa Yoshimune (played by Matsudaira Ken).

This movie will also feature OOO’s first movie-only combo, the BuraKaWani combo, and he will go through all of his available combos, hence the title “21 Core Medals”. And it seems that he will have to go up against both Gara and the Nue Yummy.

Kamen Rider OOO: WONDERFUL Shogun and 21 Core Medals is directed by Shibasaki Takayuki (Chou Den-O Episode Yellow and Shinkenger Returns!) and is set for release August 6th.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

UPDATE: (5/30/11) Well, now we’ve got a bit more info on BuraKaWani and the OOO summer movie, so let’s go!

As you know, in the OOO summer movie Kamen Rider OOO the Movie: WONDERFUL the Shogun and 21 Core Medals, OOO will get a new movie-exclusive combo, the BuraKaWani combo. Created 800 years ago by Gara, they were sealed away haven’t been found until now. The Medals are related to youth and longevity, and it covers the body of the user in a super-healing substance called “Soma Venom”. If the user gets hurt, they instantly heal. And the armor of the combo is resistant to almost any kind of attack.

Here we have the Tokugawa taking the Medals for the BuraKaWani out of a pewter box, decorated with European designs, and Ankh sitting on a rooftop loooking over the binder he keeps the Medals in. Note the cherry blossoms in full bloom.

With these new core medals comes new abilities. And those abilities are:

  • Cobra Medal: OOO gets a cobra head, his eysight is doubled, and he develops infra-red vision that can let him see even in absolute darkness.
  • Kame (Turtle) Medal: OOO hands are equipped with the “Goura Guardner”, the two turtle shell shields on his arms. He can combine them together to emit energy shields. The scales on his arm and body also strengthen his skin.
  • Wani (Crocodile) Medal: His legs turm into very sharp saws, and he can cut his enemies in half between his legs. The Line Drive (the phyisical lines going down his legs that charge up during a special attack) can also channel more power and energy than the other leg medals.

Man, he just needs to hold onto these Medals and bring them back over into the series. It’s almost like the anti-PutoTyrano Combo.

And as you can see, the fact that Eiji is in a different period in history doesn’t change how he handles the situation. He’s just laid back and adapting to everything that is happening, while wearing period clothing and grilling cuttlefish at that. XD

Well, they certainly have a sense of humor.

Yes, that is Ozawa Ryota, a.k.a. Captain Marvelous/Go-KaiRed dressed like Luffy from One Piece. I guess it’s a refrence to One Piece and it’s influence on the show. But what the hell is Yamada Yuuki (Joe Gibuken/Go-KaiBlue) wearing? O_o