New Rider CONFIRMED: Next up is… Kamen Rider Fouze!

It’s been confirmed today that Toei registered the trademark of Kamen Rider Fouze, so that officially makes it the next series following Kamen Rider OOO. So now that that’s out of the way, I can finally cover some of the rumors that have come out over the last few weeks.

First, one of the most recent rumors is that the title for the series will be a stylized “40”, similar to Faiz (555 or Φ), W, and OOO (which, for anyone who hasn’t watched the series for whatever reason, is pronounced “Ozu”). So that gives some hint as to it’s proper pronounciation, whether it’s something like “fo-zi” or “fo-u-ze“.  We’ll have to see, mostly to make sure if this is actually true.

The second big rumor that has come out since hearing this news is that the lead actor has already been cast for the series. Currently the person rumored to be Fouze is Takahashi Ryuki, currently a member of the music group D-BOYS, pictured here wearing glasses:


The above picture was taken at a famous salon by a well known make-up artist, Terada Masayuki. Blog post picture comes from here:

The third big rumor refers to the backgound story and basic premise of the series. The main character of the series is supposedly a high school student, or at least someone high school age, who suffers from amnesia at the beginning of the series. Somehow, he inherited the Rider System that he uses from his father, though not much is known about his father. Some of the earliest rumors point to a possible astronaut theme, with striking similarities to Kamen Rider Super-1, though that might turn out to be a bunch of bologna.

If there is any grain of truth to the rumors that have popped up so far, then it looks like this could be the first super serious Rider series in a while, at least not since Kiva. But keep in mind that these are rumors, so once any official announcements come out, we could have a completely different story. But either way, I’m still really excited about this.

And I’m also excited about the fact that this is my 100th blog post! And it only took seven months to get there! Here’s to another 100 posts, and maybe reaching 10,000 visits before the end of the month! We can do it together folks.

Before I go, here’s the link to the video that confirmed this:

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-M.C., the Quantum Twin