henshinGARB Update: See, I do have a customer!

Hey there everybody. As you all should know by now, I run a shop in conjunction with this website called henshinGARB (yes, spelled that way), and I recently had to re-open it. You see, I had closed it down at one point because I basically had no customers for over a month, and even though people were visiting, no one was actually buying anything. Plus there was this guy, KRFan he called himself, who basically said my designs were terrible. To which my reply still is that he is a big jerk. But anyway, after all of that, I decided to close the shop, at least for the time being. But then out of the blue, someone calling himself PaladinZeo left a comment on the blog talking about how he was interested in my merchandise, and that he had finally gotten the money to buy what he was interested in just as I had closed my shop. So, as per his request, I reopened the shop, and he went in and got what he wanted, and over the weekend he recieved his first order! And, as per my request, he sent some pics of what he ordered! So let’s take a look:

So we’re clear, this is NOT me. I wanted to be honest and wait for someone else to buy my stuff. You gotta admit, they turned out pretty good. Anyway, if you want to some for yourself, just click the link under the the category “Stuff I actually have anything to do with” and you can get some unofficial, appropriatly-sized clothing and fun buttons! I’ve recently added a bunch of new products and designs, and just about everything is available in men’s and women’s sizes, and I can guarantee the some of the lowest prices around, so check it out!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

*Accelular not included.

Author: M.F. Calhoun

I'm a writer and a blogger just trying have my voice heard in this crazy, shouting world!

One thought on “henshinGARB Update: See, I do have a customer!”

  1. WOOT! Wish I could have had more time to get some better pictures for this, but as it was I kept getting busy while my friend (Thanks, Amanda!!) took the pictures for me. I hope this gives more of you incentive to buy some of this righteous apparel guys….where else are you going to find Sentai clothing for adults?? Japan doesn’t usually make much of it for adults, and certainly not something they sell outside the country. And, as the man says, it’s not that expensive….kinda like a double bonus, IMO.

    And hey, on top of all that, Twin wants to donate to the Japan Relief efforts with part of his profits, which I also think is pretty amazing. So from a man who ordered small to start with, take a sales pitch for what its worth….get yourselves some cool stuff, and help Japan at the same time. It is, after all, where most of us Sentai and Toku nerds get our primary sources of entertainment from!

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