Go-Kaiger Pics: What are you up to, Go-KaiSilver?

Okay, so I really only have two pics to show you today. Both are related to Go-KaiSilver and Sixth Senshi in general. I’ll just show them to you.

Above is a pic of Go-KaiSilver and past Sixth Senshi on a Dice-Oh! machine, advertising to arrival of the Go-KaiSilver Dice-Oh card, and a possible expansion of the game. Who knows, they might even update the whole gameplay to include sixth senshi as a standard part of the game. The senshi shown above are the first ten to be released with the release of the Go-KaiSilver card.

And speaking of sixth senshi…

If you can’t tell, it’s five of the Sixth Senshi on set. It’s believed that this is the main Go-Kaiger team using Sixth RangerKeys. The ones shown above are Dragon Ranger (far left), MegaSilver (with a skirt(!)), TimeFire, AbareKiller (clearly Go-KaiPink), and MagiShine. And it seems that that week’s Zangyack Action Commander is there as well. No word on what this is from (whether it’s a movie or a future episode), or whether it has anything to do with Go-KaiSilver. But since they are using Sixth Senshi powers, it’s probably safe to assume that Go-KaiSilver is somehow involved.

That’s all for now, if anything else comes up, I’ll be sure to share it with you.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

UPDATE: (5/21/11) Quick update for Go-KaiSilver, it looks like he will be in both the Go-Kaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero movie, and he will show up in June in episode 17 of the series, with a proper introduction in the following episode on June 28th, and that his name is Retsudo Gai (possibly Guy Retsudo). And as an even bigger hint that he will be in Ep.17, it’s listed in the official script that AbareKiller will be in the same episode, there also might be some more backstory on Sid Bammick, but what does that matter? Anyway, it looks like Jun Ikeda (or Junya Ikeda 池田純矢) will play Go-KaiSilver. Here’s a picture:

If anything else pops up, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Kamen Rider News: I’m throwing everything at you at once!

Hey, so it seems that some Rider news has been accumulating, and I haven’t quite kept up with it. So to make up for it, I’m post all Kamen Rider stuff in this one post. Hopefully, I won’t end up overloading the internet in the process.

So let’s start with the newest bit, Kamen Rider Fouze really has been confirmed! Toei has officially registered the name for the series, so Fouze will follow OOO as the next rider. And now we wait. Here is the screen cap of the name registration.

Next up is news for Kamen Rider OOO. Filming for the coming OOO summer movie is officially complete. First confirmed on Arusue Mayuko’s blog (she plays Erika Satonaka), filming apparently ended on May 15th, and both Miura Ryosuke (Ankh) and Takada Riho (Hina) confirmed this on their own blogs two days later. Here are some pics from each of their blogs.

The most recent rumors include a guest actor playing an Evil OOO, the back story for the original OOO finally being explained, and ALL of the Greeed appearing in this movie, including one that will be played by another special guest actor. As for in-movie specials, it looks like Eiji will go through all of his combos, including the yet-seen BuraKaWani combo, and Kamen Rider Birth will get some major upgrade. Story-wise, it’s believed that the core medals used to henshin into OOO’s default TaToBa combo will be stolen, probably by the evil OOO, and that the Evil OOO will actually kill Date! But keep in mind that these are rumors, so they might not come true. The movie is set for theatrical release August 6th.

And the final bit of news is for the Kamen Rider W RETURNS: Kamen Rider Eternal movie. Now the last big leak from this movie revealed that in this movie Eternal would have a new, somewhat less powerful form in this movie, called Eternal Red Flare (the form seen in the W movie is now referred to as Eternal Blue Flare), but now it seems that Katsumi Daido was NOT the original Kamen Rider Eternal. According to a recent scan (shown below), the first Eternal was Kazu of Foundation X (who was the Utopia Dopant in the series), at first not seen changing into Eternal, but later henshins into Eternal as the movie goes on. It is believed that he is using either the T1 Eternal Memory, or an unstable prototype T2 Memory which results in the Red Flare appearance. Kazu apparently ends up fighting Daido as Eternal Red Flare, and Daido loses to Kazu. Later on, Daido somehow gets a hold of the Lost Driver, though no further details on whether or not Daido ever actually uses the Driver or changes into Eternal in the movie. There are also rumors about the origins of the other members of NEVER, but I don’t really want to go into any of that right away.

Anyway, that is all of the big Rider news for the time being. As always, if anything pops up, I’ll let you know.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Power Rangers SPD Japanese Dub trailer: NANI?

Hello peoples. I bring strange news to you today. The first trailer for the Japanese dub of Power Rangers SPD has debutted. No vocal parts, but a whole lot of action. For those of you unaware, as part of the celebration for the 35th Anniversary of Super Sentai, Toei recently aquired permission from Saban to dub over and replay old episodes of Power Rangers SPD. They will premiere June 21st on Toei Channel. To see the video, just click the link below.


-M.C., the Quantum Twin