Upcoming Go-Kaiger Episode Info: A traitor and his space monkey.

Hey there everyone. That’s right, I’m actually posting something on a Sunday that’s relevant to current tokusatsu series. And It’s all about the next episode of Go-Kaiger. This time, we take a look at Basco da Jorokia (played by Hosogai Kei), both his past with Marvelous and what’s going to happen in episode 15. Let’s make this showy!

This is Basco and his space monkey Sari. They show up in the episode as privateers for Zangyack aboard his own ship called the Free Joker. And apparently, he and Marvelous have a shared past. Both Basco and Marvelous use to be part of AkaRed’s pirate crew. So that officially proves that AkaRed was in the second episode and that he gave Marvelous the RangerKeys. And apparently Marvelous isn’t the only one with RangerKeys.

Basco has a trumpet-like device that allows him to summon past senshi through their RangerKeys, and he has full control over them. As you can see, he uses it to first summon DekaBreak, Shurikenger, TimeFire, DragonRanger, and KingRanger. So that opens up a whole lot of questions. Like how did he get these Sixth RangerKeys? How many more does he have? Does Go-KaiSilver have his own RangerKeys, or is he going to have to take them from Basco? I don’t know, so we’ll just move onto other stuff we know about Basco.

This is Rikkidroid, his own personal giant robot weapon thing, in his blue form called “Wateru-kun”. It’s summoned from Sari’s chest, and apparently has multiple forms.

Now we do know a bit more about his past then I’ve already revealed. For one, it seems that he betrayed AkaRed and Marvelous so that he could join Zangyack as a privateer. In fact, he was the one behind the Red Pirates downfall (that’s what AkaRed called his crew). So basically, the scene where Marvelous is running across a beam trying to avoid capture, and then AkaRed comes in and saves him, giving Marvelous the RangerKeys and then thowing himself into the fray, all of it was because of Basco’s betrayal.

And of course, when any new, possibly permanent character shows up, there are a crop of new rumors popping up. Not just about him, but about upcoming episodes, too. For instance: 1) the next tribute episode will be for Abaranger, and it will also be another two-parter (what would be a better way to get ready for the Abaranger episode than to head over to henshinGARB and get yourself an “Abare Guts!” T-shirt or buttons!), 2) in this two parter, Go-KaiSilver will formally appear, and now it’s been confirmed that his name is Ikari Gai (Ikari meaning “wrath”, and his name is probably Guy Ikari), and 3) Tanaka Koutarou will reprise his role AbareKiller for the episode (don’t ask me how he came back from hell again, but supposedly he does). Anyway thats all for the rumors, I’m just going to post a bunch of pictures now.

So let’s see what happen’s next week!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

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