Go-Kaiger Episode Update: Basco just loves tooting his own horn.

Don’t get too excited, this isn’t an episode review, I’m not doing weekly episode reviews yet. Think of this more as a collection of screencaps from the episode, which would be an accurate description. I’m not sure what the captions say, but the pics are still pretty good. Personally, I’m a bit more interested in analyzing Basco as a character.

So here we have Basco flying to Earth, meeting up with Zangyack as a Privateer, and we get to see into his shared past with “Marv-chan”. And yes, their captain was the real AkaRed. I had my own theories on that, but I guess that I was wrong. They were both members of the “Red Pirates”, captained by AkaRed, and they spent a good deal of time together, which made his betrayl that much worse, which is why Marvelous outright attacked Basco on the spot.

So Basco did betray them to Zangyack, so that he could look for the Greatest Treasure in the Galaxy by himself. He also tried to steal the RangerKeys, but was only partly successful, because it looks like he only got the Sixth RangerKeys, not that he needs the others. I don’t know why he has a gold mobirate, it seems to only work as a phone, because there’s gold plating over all the parts of the mobirate that work with the henshin sequence.

Like I said earlier, he tried to steal the whole chest of RangerKeys when he betrayed the others and joined Zangyack, and even though AkaRed got back the chest and gave the keys to Marvelous, he somehow got the sixth RangerKeys, which he uses with that trumpet-thing (still don’t know what it’s called) to summon these past senshi to fight in his place.

They beat the first five, but at somepoint Basco called out the others, and the much-bigger group of summoned senshi beat our heroes!

So not only does he capture the crew, he leaves behind the RangerKeys of the beaten senshi, they’re just useless now as far as that guy is concerned. What a self-absorbed jerk!

Next Week…

It’s Sentai VS Sentai! And not in the VS Movie sense.

So that leaves us with a whole lotta questions. Was AkaRed really defeated? (okay, we can already guess not, since he will also be in the 199 Hero Movie) Where did Basco get that trumpet? Will he end up throwing away all the RangerKeys he has, and is that how Go-KaiSilver will get the Sixth RangerKeys? Who knows, but at least we have a big fight to look forward to next week! And for those of you who are either in Japan, or can be there anytime to see it, the Go-Kaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Movie will come out next Saturday (not this coming Saturday, but the one after), on June 11th.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Author: M.F. Calhoun

I'm a writer and a blogger just trying have my voice heard in this crazy, shouting world!

3 thoughts on “Go-Kaiger Episode Update: Basco just loves tooting his own horn.”

  1. Also, just in case someone *didn’t* figure it out on their own, this series in regards to its 34 predecessors is, and will continue to be INSANE! I LOVE IT!!! XP~~

  2. That could be possible, but then does that mean that Goseiger — the real ones, not the Gokai team in their powersuits, will somehow get their powers back (referencing the post above on the 199 movie) and save them from Zangyack? Obviously the movie isn’t the end of the series’ story arc anymore than Bosco’s defeat or GokaiSilver’s debut is. Like M.C. said, this is bringing up A LOT of questions!! 😛

  3. I think after Basco is defeated, Zangack will use his trump-thing (or something developed from it), steal all Ranger Keys and use them to kill Gokaiger-Goseiger (movie’s arc) before GokaiSilver appear.

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