More Go-Kaiger episode and toy scans: The first actual picture of Go-KaiSilver we’ve seen.

So this is probably the first real pic of Go-KaiSilver in his standard mode, everything up to now has been partial pics or pics of his Gold Mode. And that is a double-close-up of Gai Ikari, the person chosen by the fallen Sixth Senshi to be Go-KaiSilver.

As I’ve said written in previous posts, Gai Ikari starts out as a Super Sentai fanboy. He saves a girl’s life but gets hurt in a car accident because of it. While he is unconscious, he enters into a dream-like state where he runs into three past warriors, Dragon Ranger, TimeFire, and Abarekiller as Mikito. They were impressed by his actions and deemed him worthy of being the sixth Go-Kaiger. When he wakes up, he has the Go-KaiCellular and tries to join the other Go-Kaigers, but is initially rejected by them. Will this Sentai fanboy ever become a Sentai warrior?

These next two pics shoe Go-KaiSilver in Gold Mode, and of the many faces of Go-JyuJin. AS mentined before, he can enter this Gold Mode through a special AnchorKey inserted into the bottom of the cellular. And Go-JyuJin has three forms, Go-JyuDrill, Go-JyuRex, and his robo form.

These next four scans are magazine covers that have both Kamen Rider OOO and Go-Kaiger news. These are proving to be two very popular series. And of course, Toei has done everything it can to promote the two coinciding anniversaries.

The rest of these scans are from a magazine/toy catalogue. Apparently, the joint gattai figures are very popular. And of course the rest of the magazine scans include images from both the movie and the series. All of which leaked onto the internet about a month ago.

That’s all for now. For those of you in the States, I hope your enjoying your day off. For everyone else, I hope that your Monday hasn’t been completely terrible. If anything else comes up, I’ll be sure to let you know.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

UPDATE: You know, I knew when I started on this post someone was holding something back. Here are some more pics that I only just found.

All of these are from the 199 Heroes movie, just a taste of the final battle scene.

And this is the GIGANTIC collocetion of toys that will be slowly coming out during and after Go-KaiSilver debuts. And as much as I would like to own every last thing I see in these pictures, this is all together about $500 worth of stuff, probably. At least thtat’s what it would cost after import taxes and shipping. Oh well, one can dream…

UPDATE: (5/31/11) Guess what? I found even more pics! Take a look:

Okay, not a whole lot of new stuff here, but those are some pretty coll RangerKeys for GoseiKnight and GaoSilver!