Kamen Rider OOO Summer Movie Update: Oh, Gara is a woman. My bad.

Now that we finally have a title for the movie, and know a bit more about BuraKaWani Combo, we’re getting a bit more detailed version of the plot.

The movie starts off with Kougami and Satonaka headed off for Germany. Gara (played by Sakai Miki), the alchemist who created the Core Medals, is lying dormat deep within a German forest. Legend has it that Gara has the “Lost Medals” with her, so naturally Kougami has to go over to Germany to find and revive her.

During this ceremony meant to revive Gara, the room suddenly fills with a mysterious melody, and the lid to Gara’s tomb flies off, and hundreds of medals come flying out. As they enter the forest, suddenly 200-300 meters of the forest changes into Shinjuku!

Mean while back in Japan, Shinjuku district is slowly being replaced by the German forest, and everyone is in a panic. Medals start slithering out of the forest like snakes, and come together to for a medieval tower in the middle of the displaced forest. Knights start pouring out of the tower and Gara finally reveals herself.

Okay. before I go any further, I jsut have to say this: Gara is dressed like a Super Sentai villianess. Seriously, I’m halfway expecting her to send the Putty Patrol after OOO. Yes, Gara is the one on the left. We’ll get to the one on the right in a second, so just hold your horses.

When Gara shows up, she proclaims that she will take back all of the Core Medals, and that she will destroy this world and build a new one for her to rule over. She manages to even take the Taka Core, leaving Eiji unable to henshin. She also sends out one of her familiars, Bell (played by Agino Karin) to go around town and ask people strange questions. Not sure how that’s part of the plan, but it is.

Seeing Shinjuku change into a forest, Eiji, Hina and Ankh rush in, only to find themselves in Edo! And somehow they’ve all gotten separated from each other. Gara creates the Nue Yummy and sends it after Eiji, but with no way to henshin and no back-up, how will Eiji survive?! What happened to Ankh and Hina? And where are the other Greeed and Dr. Maki in all of this? The countdown to the End has begun!

And what happened to Lost Ankh, and how did Uva come back?

There are too many questions!!!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Author: M.F. Calhoun

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