Go-Kaiger New Toy Pics: Well, I know what I want Santa-chan to bring me this year!

We’ve got some new scans of upcoming toy releases for Go-Kaiger. So get those wish lists out, because you’re about to make some changes.

And this is what a t-shirt looks like when someone who knows what they’re doing designs them. I might have to rip some of these stuff off…

And there is also some news for Dice-Oh!

Yeah, so there’s a whole lotta new stuff, and some big updates here, so go get those credit cards out and get ready to charge the living hell out of them! And could someone get me something too?

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

OVER 10,000!!!!!!! YAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s right folks! We have finally hit the 10000th visitor mark! And I just want to say thank you to everyone that has visited the site. You guys are great! Now if you would only visit the shop and buy stuff. (http://henshingarb.spreadshirt.com) But in all seriousness, I really would like to just thank all of you just for being awesome and for coming back day after day, and just… I don’t know what to say. But really thank you, gracias, gratiz, obrigado, Большое спасибо, terima kasih banyak, xie xiearrigato gozaimasu, and thank you to everyone in the other languages that I forgot to include. And remember to keep coming back here for news, updates, and anything else I wanna throw at you. You never know what I’m going to do next. 😉

Kamen Rider OOO BuraKaWani combo revealed!: They’re really running with the whole snake-charmer thing, aren’t they?

The official combo and medals for KamenRider OOO’s BuraKaWani combo have been revealed today. It showed up along with some new leaked scans of Kamen Rider OOO’s Summer Movie. For those of you who don’t regularly keep up with the blog, the BuraKaWani Combo will be OOO’s first movie-only combo consisting of the Cobra, Kame (Turtle), and Wani (Crocodile) Medals. And apparently, it’s got some sweet moves.

Here we see OOO using BuraKaWani’s special attack, the Crocodile Glide, against what appears to be a Baboon or Howler Monkey Yummy. Yeah, I know it sounds like a cheese dance from the 60’s, but what can you do? That attack is of course associated with the Wani Medal. The Cobra Medal forms a snake that wraps around OOO’s head and can be summoned to attack using BurKaWani’s special weapon, the Burangi (first pic). And of course the Kame Medal gives OOO two inpenetrable shells that can block any attack. Just when you think that the writers and prop designers are about to run out of ideas, they come out with something awesome like this!

And now we have a bit more insight into the upcoming summer movie. It seems that somehow Modern-Day Tokyo and Edo-Period Edo have merged together across time, and OOO must work with the Shogun of the Edo era in order to fight a Yummy and Medieval Knights(!) that has popped up on the streets of Edo. Can they succeed and restore Tokyo and Edo to their rightful places in history?! I don’t know, but I do know that it will be forever before I’m able to see it! 😦

-M.C., the Qunatum Twin

UPDATE: (5/24/11) Some more stuff has popped up, let’s take a look!

Yep, definitly a Baboon Yummy.

And we also have some pics from upcoming episodes.

Okay, so it does look like Gamel and Mezool are coming back, and Uva is definitely not going to be around much longer. Geez, you try to revive someone and they reward you by blasting you in the back. What a world. And with this newfound realization that Date has a bullet lodged in his brain, it seems that Gotou might take over as Birth in the upcoming episodes, but not for the reasons that you might think. 😉 Anywat, that’s it for OOO news for the time being, I’m sure more will come out soon.

UPDATE: (5/25/11) Okay, looks like some rumors have been confirmed, and it seems that Date is siding with the bad guys?! What the f@#k?!!

Yep, looks like Date is siding with Dr. Maki this time. But why on Earth would he decide to do that? Anyway, it also looks like the newly revived Greeed Mezool and Gamel will betray Uva and side with Cazali and Lost Ankh. Man, this storyline just gets more and more exciting.

And there are some new details for the summer movies as well.

It seems that through the mysterious powers of Gara, the alchemist who created the Medals 800 years ago, OOO is sent back in time to the Edo period in order to fimd and fight this Nue Yummy (official designation). And it seems that BuraKaWani Medals come from a Greeed that rebelled against the other Greeed when they tried to seize power for themselves. And these Medals, just like Ankh’s body, came from Europe, but were sent to Japan. So this begs the question: How do the Greeed speak Japanese so well if they were created in Europe back during Medieval Times? Maybe this movie will help to answer the last of the lingering questions.

UPDATE: (5/26/11) Yeah, wasn’t expecting another update either, thought by now ther would be enough content that I could make another post, but so far only one thing has popped up. But it’s kinda cool.

This is another special release medal for OOO, the Kangaroo Medal. Like the Panda Medal, it is NOT appearing in the show, but it is being released in the August issue of Telebi-kun magazine. Unlike othe specialty Medals, or any of the other medals for that matter, It can go into both the arm slot AND the leg slot of the OOO Driver. In the arm slot, the Medal gives OOO boxing gloves and added punching power, and in the leg slot, OOO gets springs on his legs giving him ability to jump higher and kick stronger. Both forms are available for the Ganbaride game, and each has it’s own finisher. Hmm… I wonder what it would look like with an all-kangaroo Combo…

Go-KaiSilver revealed!: Who the heck is this Gai?

It’s official, Go-KaiSilver has been revealed! With regular pictures and everything! 🙂

Yes, this is Go-KaiSilver in his Gold form, with the special AnchorKey he uses to change into this form. And we can officially say that the character Gai Ikari (Once again, I’m guessing it’s Guy Ikari) will be Go-KaiSilver.

It seems that, like a lot of us, Gai is a human who has loved Super Sentai his entire life (in case you’re wondering, I mean that he is from Earth, wha a twist!). One day, he save a girl from a car accident, saving her life but getting badly injured himself. He passes out and meets AbareKiller (as Mikito), DragonRanger, and TimeFire in a dream. They were so impressed by his heroism that they consider him worthy of becoming the sixth Go-Kaiger and give him the Go-KaiCellular and the Sixth RangerKeys, to which he is very excited to recieve. He joins the pirate gang so that he can fight Zangyack and bring peace back to Earth.

Well, he may still be a couple of episodes away, but we’re all still super excited about it. And he’s already a history maker. For one, he is probably the first senshi to have two standard forms from the beginning, and his personal weapon, Go-KaiSpear, takes the multi-weapon concept to another level. And of course, let’s not forget about his personal robo, Go-JyuJin.

Go-JyuJin has three different forms: Go-JyuDrill, Go-JyuRex, and it’s final robo mode. In it’s final robo form, the drill acts as it’s left arm, and the Tyrrano head acts as it right arm. Very similar to AbareMax, but the head and tranformation makes it look more like V-Rex Robo. And it’s rumored that it will be able to swap arms with Go-KaiOh, but no word on any gattai between the two. Is it just me, or does this guy just seem to work in threes?

The main rumor is that he will pop up in Ep.17, and that it will be a tribute episode to either Zyuranger or Timeranger. More should be revealed as we get closer to the date.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

BTW, the week after Go-KaiSilver premieres, there won’t be any new episodes of either Go-Kaiger or Kamen Rider OOO, there is a scheduled break then.

UPDATE: (5/24/11) More Go-KaiSilver scans have been leaked, let’s take a look.

Ooh, you can see the actual Go-KaiCellular in this one! And his personal RangerKey, too!

And this is Go-JyuJin in Robo mode. You like this one any better, PaladinZeo? ‘Cuz I think it looks badass myself.

And this is Go-JyuJin in Go-JyuDrill and Go-JyuRex mode. And probably the only pic I’ve seen so far of Go-KaiSilver in his standard form. Seriously, go look at the other pictures, there almost all of him in Gold Form.

That’s it for now, if any more pop up, you know what to do.

UPDATE: (5/25/11) Hey, nothing else has really popped up, but I just forgot to mention that episode 17, the one Go-KaiSilver will premiere on, will be a tribute episode for three Sentai series. It will be a tribute to Zyuranger, Timeranger, and Abaranger. And this is expressed in the different modes that Go-JyuJin goes through: the Drill mode represents Timeranger‘s grand power, Rex mode represents Zyuranger‘s grand power, and the Robo mode will represent Abaranger‘s grand power. They’re taking out three birds with one stone.

Upcoming Go-Kaiger Episode Info: A traitor and his space monkey.

Hey there everyone. That’s right, I’m actually posting something on a Sunday that’s relevant to current tokusatsu series. And It’s all about the next episode of Go-Kaiger. This time, we take a look at Basco da Jorokia (played by Hosogai Kei), both his past with Marvelous and what’s going to happen in episode 15. Let’s make this showy!

This is Basco and his space monkey Sari. They show up in the episode as privateers for Zangyack aboard his own ship called the Free Joker. And apparently, he and Marvelous have a shared past. Both Basco and Marvelous use to be part of AkaRed’s pirate crew. So that officially proves that AkaRed was in the second episode and that he gave Marvelous the RangerKeys. And apparently Marvelous isn’t the only one with RangerKeys.

Basco has a trumpet-like device that allows him to summon past senshi through their RangerKeys, and he has full control over them. As you can see, he uses it to first summon DekaBreak, Shurikenger, TimeFire, DragonRanger, and KingRanger. So that opens up a whole lot of questions. Like how did he get these Sixth RangerKeys? How many more does he have? Does Go-KaiSilver have his own RangerKeys, or is he going to have to take them from Basco? I don’t know, so we’ll just move onto other stuff we know about Basco.

This is Rikkidroid, his own personal giant robot weapon thing, in his blue form called “Wateru-kun”. It’s summoned from Sari’s chest, and apparently has multiple forms.

Now we do know a bit more about his past then I’ve already revealed. For one, it seems that he betrayed AkaRed and Marvelous so that he could join Zangyack as a privateer. In fact, he was the one behind the Red Pirates downfall (that’s what AkaRed called his crew). So basically, the scene where Marvelous is running across a beam trying to avoid capture, and then AkaRed comes in and saves him, giving Marvelous the RangerKeys and then thowing himself into the fray, all of it was because of Basco’s betrayal.

And of course, when any new, possibly permanent character shows up, there are a crop of new rumors popping up. Not just about him, but about upcoming episodes, too. For instance: 1) the next tribute episode will be for Abaranger, and it will also be another two-parter (what would be a better way to get ready for the Abaranger episode than to head over to henshinGARB and get yourself an “Abare Guts!” T-shirt or buttons!), 2) in this two parter, Go-KaiSilver will formally appear, and now it’s been confirmed that his name is Ikari Gai (Ikari meaning “wrath”, and his name is probably Guy Ikari), and 3) Tanaka Koutarou will reprise his role AbareKiller for the episode (don’t ask me how he came back from hell again, but supposedly he does). Anyway thats all for the rumors, I’m just going to post a bunch of pictures now.

So let’s see what happen’s next week!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Truth, Justice and the Indonesian Way | The Jakarta Globe

Truth, Justice and the Indonesian Way | The Jakarta Globe

via Truth, Justice and the Indonesian Way | The Jakarta Globe.

They take the whole Superhero IRL thing to a whole ‘nother level.

Go-Kaiger Script up for auction!

海賊戦隊ゴーカイジャー 第17話、第18話 台本_画像1

Hey, if anyone wants the scrpit for episodes 17 and 18 of Go-Kaiger, someone has them up for auction on Yahoo.co.jp!


Just click the link above, it should take you right to the page. Hurry and get to it!, and good luck!

It’s Over 9000!

That can’t be…. THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Go-Kaiger Pics: What are you up to, Go-KaiSilver?

Okay, so I really only have two pics to show you today. Both are related to Go-KaiSilver and Sixth Senshi in general. I’ll just show them to you.

Above is a pic of Go-KaiSilver and past Sixth Senshi on a Dice-Oh! machine, advertising to arrival of the Go-KaiSilver Dice-Oh card, and a possible expansion of the game. Who knows, they might even update the whole gameplay to include sixth senshi as a standard part of the game. The senshi shown above are the first ten to be released with the release of the Go-KaiSilver card.

And speaking of sixth senshi…

If you can’t tell, it’s five of the Sixth Senshi on set. It’s believed that this is the main Go-Kaiger team using Sixth RangerKeys. The ones shown above are Dragon Ranger (far left), MegaSilver (with a skirt(!)), TimeFire, AbareKiller (clearly Go-KaiPink), and MagiShine. And it seems that that week’s Zangyack Action Commander is there as well. No word on what this is from (whether it’s a movie or a future episode), or whether it has anything to do with Go-KaiSilver. But since they are using Sixth Senshi powers, it’s probably safe to assume that Go-KaiSilver is somehow involved.

That’s all for now, if anything else comes up, I’ll be sure to share it with you.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

UPDATE: (5/21/11) Quick update for Go-KaiSilver, it looks like he will be in both the Go-Kaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero movie, and he will show up in June in episode 17 of the series, with a proper introduction in the following episode on June 28th, and that his name is Retsudo Gai (possibly Guy Retsudo). And as an even bigger hint that he will be in Ep.17, it’s listed in the official script that AbareKiller will be in the same episode, there also might be some more backstory on Sid Bammick, but what does that matter? Anyway, it looks like Jun Ikeda (or Junya Ikeda 池田純矢) will play Go-KaiSilver. Here’s a picture:

If anything else pops up, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Kamen Rider News: I’m throwing everything at you at once!

Hey, so it seems that some Rider news has been accumulating, and I haven’t quite kept up with it. So to make up for it, I’m post all Kamen Rider stuff in this one post. Hopefully, I won’t end up overloading the internet in the process.

So let’s start with the newest bit, Kamen Rider Fouze really has been confirmed! Toei has officially registered the name for the series, so Fouze will follow OOO as the next rider. And now we wait. Here is the screen cap of the name registration.

Next up is news for Kamen Rider OOO. Filming for the coming OOO summer movie is officially complete. First confirmed on Arusue Mayuko’s blog (she plays Erika Satonaka), filming apparently ended on May 15th, and both Miura Ryosuke (Ankh) and Takada Riho (Hina) confirmed this on their own blogs two days later. Here are some pics from each of their blogs.

The most recent rumors include a guest actor playing an Evil OOO, the back story for the original OOO finally being explained, and ALL of the Greeed appearing in this movie, including one that will be played by another special guest actor. As for in-movie specials, it looks like Eiji will go through all of his combos, including the yet-seen BuraKaWani combo, and Kamen Rider Birth will get some major upgrade. Story-wise, it’s believed that the core medals used to henshin into OOO’s default TaToBa combo will be stolen, probably by the evil OOO, and that the Evil OOO will actually kill Date! But keep in mind that these are rumors, so they might not come true. The movie is set for theatrical release August 6th.

And the final bit of news is for the Kamen Rider W RETURNS: Kamen Rider Eternal movie. Now the last big leak from this movie revealed that in this movie Eternal would have a new, somewhat less powerful form in this movie, called Eternal Red Flare (the form seen in the W movie is now referred to as Eternal Blue Flare), but now it seems that Katsumi Daido was NOT the original Kamen Rider Eternal. According to a recent scan (shown below), the first Eternal was Kazu of Foundation X (who was the Utopia Dopant in the series), at first not seen changing into Eternal, but later henshins into Eternal as the movie goes on. It is believed that he is using either the T1 Eternal Memory, or an unstable prototype T2 Memory which results in the Red Flare appearance. Kazu apparently ends up fighting Daido as Eternal Red Flare, and Daido loses to Kazu. Later on, Daido somehow gets a hold of the Lost Driver, though no further details on whether or not Daido ever actually uses the Driver or changes into Eternal in the movie. There are also rumors about the origins of the other members of NEVER, but I don’t really want to go into any of that right away.

Anyway, that is all of the big Rider news for the time being. As always, if anything pops up, I’ll let you know.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin