New Go-KaiSilver HQ Toy Pics: Why can’t they just release these at one time?!

The closer we get to his arrival, the more we see about him, or in this case, the toys that will be released with his arrival.

So this first batch of stuff includes the Go-KaiCellular with the Go-KaiSilver Key, the Go-KaiSpear with the Dragon Ranger Key, some close-ups and demonstrations of how all these things work, the RangerKey sets that will be released in mid-June, and some other role-play toys based on past seasons that will be released alongside everything here. You know, it’s very interesting to compare the toys they’ve recreated with the RangerKey sets being released, because they barely match up.

And here we have the two action figures being released for his silver and gold modes. I would say that they are the standard-sized (6in. in US) action figures. And I have a feeling that they will also sell a figure that can “transform” between the two modes, at least I know they’ll try to do it when they bring the show state-side.

And these final sets of pics come from the DX Go-JyuJin. It has that cheesy spin-action feature, three modes, and it’s just so well made. There’s just a level of quality with this figure, indeed with everything shown on this page, that Bandai America almost refuses to mimic, even though these were all produced by Bandai Japan.

And I just want everything on this page! 🙂 But I can’t afford it! 😥 I would especially like the Go-KaiCellular, it’s somehow almost cooler than the Mobirate. And I’m also excited by the dual release of the Dragon Ranger Key with the Zyuranger (Tyranno Ranger) Key. Go Go Power Rangers! And if any of this is a proper representation of the series-equivalent, then I’m looking forward to his arrival now more than EVER!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin


Author: M.F. Calhoun

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