Kamen Rider OOO Rumors: “Birth” of a new Hero.

Well, if this series isn’t just one suprise after another. After all the shocking turn of events from the last few weeks, we have a whole host of rumors for the nrxt episode, and themsome. To start with:

  • Date fell for a trap set by Dr. Maki. Gotou finds out what really happened and transforms into Birth.
  • OOO changes into ShaUTa combo and uses it’s liguid mode to remove the bullet from Date’s brain.
  • Date officially retires as Birth and hands the belt over to Gotou, asking him to work with Eiji and Ankh as a combo, but Gotou refuses and gives the belt back to Date, saying that Date is the only one who should be Birth. And until Date recovers, Gotou will fight alone.
  • Dr. Maki’s experiment fails, and he is swallowed up by darkness, and Giru is formed. Eiji is also affected by this.
  • Ankh is swallowed up by Lost Ankh, and the only way to save him is by finding the lost 10th Core Medal.
  • Mezool gets close to Kougami, and Uva revives and falls in love with Satonaka.
  • Kougami knew Dr. Maki’s sister when he was younger.
  • The upcoming summer movie and tv series are connected. Hina looks exactly like a princess and is kidnapped by ninjas. Ankh and Gotou are mistaken for a samurai and Nezumi Kozo, a Japanese folk hero from Edo similar to Robin Hood.
  • Fouze and Metamoru show up in the OOO summer movie. For clarification purposes, Matemoru is not the secondary rider in Fouze. I don’t know who or what Metamoru is. Although, “Fouze” and “Metamoru” could be a play on the word “metamorphose”.

So, it seems that Gotou will only be Birth for this next episode, so the pic below just won’t happen. But at least Date doesn’t die. Honestly, I didn’t think that they were going to try and kill off Date, because they haven’t tried to kill off a main character in years. But who knows, Gotou might find another chance to take the mantle.

And just a reminder, these are just rumors, so anything too far beyond the next couple of episodes might prove to be false. And if anything else pops up, I’ll be sure to let you know.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin