Go-Kaiger Toys’R’Us Exclusive: It’s a HUGE Treasure Chest!

Toys’R’Us of Japan is now offering a new exclusive RangerKey Treasure Chest! Take a look:

As you can see, it’s 410x260x220 (can’t tell of it’s in millimeters or centimeters, probably millimeters, since it would be about the size of an actual chest in centimeters), and it comes with a set of 20 RangerKeys. So, assuming it’s in millimeters, it would be accurate in size, shape and decoration to the treasure chest in the show, and it comes with a buttload of booty. Only available at Toys’R’Us for 6000 yen. If you got the money to buy it, then I say go for it. Good luck getting it from Toys’R’Us Japan.


Author: M.F. Calhoun

I'm a writer and a blogger just trying have my voice heard in this crazy, shouting world!

5 thoughts on “Go-Kaiger Toys’R’Us Exclusive: It’s a HUGE Treasure Chest!”

  1. The box does NOT include the keys. It says so right there on the ad. Third line down in the green field with the symbol by it.

    レンジャーキーは付属 ありません
    (Does not come with ranger keys)

    1. Well, thanks for pointing out the obvious fact that I can’t read Japanese (which is something I’ve already mentioned). When I first read about this, I thought it did come with the 20 RangerKey set, but since then I’ve learned that that was just a special limited-time offer for buying the chest. If you can find the box now, it will just be the box. BTW, this story is over a month old, why even bother making both of us look like d*cks?

    1. I couldn’t find a link when I first “reported” on this, and it’s been over a month since this was announced, so they might not have this special going anymore. I’m not sure what to tell you. Sorry. 😦

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