Kamen Rider Fouze Actor Confirmed!: So it is you,Takahashi Ryuki.

It’s been confirmed that the actor portraying Kamen Rider Fouze will be Ryuki Takahashi. It was confirmed by Kamen Rider OOO cast member Taito Hashimoto, who plays Kazari. While I can’t direct you to his original blog post about it (his blog can only be viewed with Japanese mobile phones), I do have this excerpt from his blog:

“As expected, a hero has to be cool!
Kamen Rider is really cool!
It’s really said that it’s ending soon!!!
I want to do more!!!
The next Rider is…

I’m happy for him, but I’m jealous too. lol
If I had to choose one of those feelings, I’d be more on jealous side. lol
But I’m really looking forward to this!”

According to current rumors, Takahashi will play a high school student whose Rider System uses “Rider Switches” to change into Fouze and change different parts of his body into forms emulating Past Riders, and he is a member of the Occult club investigating the urban legend of the “Kamen Rider”. While these are still just rumors, I’m sure we’ll start to learn more about Takahashi’s character and the series itself as we get closer to September.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin