More Go-Kaiger Toy Pics: I know where there from now!

Here are some more pics from the Go-Kaiger both at the Tokyo Toy fair. Enjoy:

Okay then looks like we have the current and remaining RangerKey sets on display (with some very good shots of the Metallic Go-Kaiger Keys), another pic of the Metallic TyrannoRanger Key, a massive collection of Gashapon RangerKeys, with that Toys’R’Us exclusive Treasure Chest (which comes with 20 RangerKeys), and two views of the Go-KaiGalleon (and other Go-KaiMachines). I can’t say for sure, but given the size and detail on it, those could be the actual set props, maybe even the Hero Versions (that just means the big ones they use for up-close shots). Makes me really wish that I could have gone to see this. Oh well, maybe some day…

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

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