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Image leaked: Is this really Fouze?

So this image has “leaked” onto the internet, although this might just be fanart. Anyway, a lot of rumors about Fouze have been floating around that say that he looks kind of like this.

A number of tweets have come up confirming that they did some filming at a university, and that Fouze is a high school student. And we also get some interesting info from this tweet as well:

“My first impression was ‘Explosive Ninja Rocketman’ (left) and white ‘Skyzel’ (right). His arms and legs are like rockets. It’s mainly white, with some yellow lines. There’s definitely a space suit motif in there.”

“The design is really simplistic. There’s a ‘2’ on the left and right side of the belt buckle. His head is shaped like a bamboo shoot, it has a simple look and has the usual bug Rider eyes.”

And it looks like his bike has that same yellow on white pattern, with the number “40” on the front. And it looks like Watanabe Shu (OOO/Hino Eiji) was at the filming, handing something over to someone dressed like a high school student, possibly the FouzeDriver or the OOO Switches reported on earlier.

So we’re starting to get a real feel about what Fouze, or maybe Fourze, but just remeber that everything here is still just a rumor, and only some parts of it have been confirmed. We will ge more info on Fouze as we get closer to the official announcement for the series, but until then, I’ll try to report on any substantial rumors that float by, and on anything else that I happen to come across.

-M.C., the very-sad-because-there-aren’t-any-new-episodes-today Quantum Twin