Power Rangers Samurai cast pics: They are taking the princess title way too seriously.

A little while back, it was rumored that a New Zealand actress by the name of Kimberley Crossman would be playing the role of the Princess in PRS. Well, that’s been confirmed now thanks to these pics:

That’s her dressed as a princess sitting on the throne. You should be able to recognize everyone else. I have no clue as to who those two are on her left. I doubt that this is what they’re using in the show, it’s clearly just a joke pic. And here’s another pic:

One big group pic with the main cast in the middle (including Crossman), and a couple of people outside the group (one poor guy only has his arm in the picture) who I don’t know. Whether they’re friends or castmates or people who normally work behind the camera, I can’t say.

Hector David Jr. did tweet this recently:

“Time to rock the day. More  video Game Making. Wrap Party for Season 2 Power Rangers Samurai, Lets  get a little pumped up for PRS Future HDJ”

So that means that they are basically done filming if they’re having the wrap party for season 2. But does that mean that they are done with PRS? Who knows, we’ll have to wait and see.

-M.C, the Quantum Twin

Author: M.F. Calhoun

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