Kamen Rider OOO Upcoming Episode Summaries: Is this the mood they really want to end the show on?

So, Ankh was absorbed by Lost Ankh at the end of this most recent episode, leaving Eiji with only the purple core medals to fight with. Will Eiji be force to rely on this uncontrollable power, or did Ankh have one last trick up his sleeve? Read on to find out:

Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Episode 41: Brother and Sister, the Rescue, and Eiji Leaves
Lost Ankh, who finally absorbed Ankh, feels like he’s complete. But then he notices that something is missing. He realizes that he needs something from Hina in order to be complete. Lost Ankh tries to attack Hina, but is stopped by Eiji. Eiji runs away with Hina and realizes that she has a hawk medal. Lost Ankh eventually catches up, Eiji has no other choice than to use the purple Core Medals. While they are fighting, Lost Ankh’s right arm stops moving.

Episode 42: N/A – July 17
After Ankh was absorbed, Shingo regained consciousness. Eiji and Hina don’t want Shingo to be involved in all the fighting, so they leave him at Cous Cousier. Maki confronts Eiji and demands the purple Core Medals. Eiji refuses to hand them over. But then Maki tells Eiji something important.

Episode 43: N/A – July 24
A couple is sitting at a park and a white Yummy is born out of the male. The Yummy eventually grows into the Vulture Yummy. The Vulture Yummy starts to immediately go after his targets.

Episode 44: N/A – July 31
Gotou and Hina are worried about Eiji, who’s slowly growing into a Greeed, so they ask Kougami for help. Kougami takes them to a certain place of his foundation.

Well, this series certainly is full of surprises! So, is Ankh lost for good? Can Eiji be rid of the purple cores before he changes into a Greeed? Do they have enough cores to avoid using the PuToTyrano combo?

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