Kamen Rider Fourze Opening Leaked: You can barely hear the theme music, but I’m sure it’s not Lady Gaga. :P

Alright, so far one of the few things about Fourze that’s been kept secret was the opening theme, which we weren’t even able to see or hear from the original press conference videos. Well, that’s changed now, as the first minute of the press conference has been released (audio only). This includes an overview of the series and characters, and includes the opening theme and the sound the Astro Switches make during the henshin sequence. Let’s listen in:

For those of you who still caan’t make out what the robotic voice is saying, it’s “Rocket on, Launcher on, Drill on, Radar on”. Personally, all I can make out is “Drill on, Radar on”, so don’t feel too bad if you can’t completely understand it.

The series premieres September 4th.

-M.C., The Quantum Twin

Author: M.F. Calhoun

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