Kamen Rider OOO Mega-Post!: So much information, so little time.

Alright then, this is a post for stuff about Kamen Rider OOO that I’ve been putting off for a while. Basically, we’re going to go over stuff from the most recent episodes, and from upcoming episodes, as well as a little movie news for OOO, so let’s get to it!

So, at the end of this week’s episode, after Ankh basically betrayed everyone, he revived Uva (a bit of a surprise move) and joined with the other Greeed. Next week, they will team up and go after Eiji, and that’s when their numbers will start to fall again. Here’s the general pattern for some of the upcoming episodes: a Greeed becomes fully revived, goes berserk, and then is defeated by OOO. So far, it’s been confirmed that Cazali will be first, followed by Mezool and Gamel (these are three separate episodes). No word on what will happen to either Ankh or Uva at this point. But all this talk about greed leads me to my next point:

This week’s episode also featured a brief but important scene where Eiji’s hand suddenly changed, showing the looming threat of Eiji becoming a Greeed himself. Everyone is worried about what could happen, so they turn to Kougami to see if he knows a way to stop the conversion.

In next week’s episode, he takes them down into the basement area of the Foundation building, where he shows Eiji and the others “the King’s Throne room”, which is filled with personal items that belonged to the king from 800 years ago, the original OOO. And there, he tells them the secret to freeing Eiji of the purple core medals and preventing him from becoming a Greeed: “DESIRE!”, or in Japanese, “YOKUBO!”

“Is that really all it would take?” Apparently so, Gotou.

Moving away from the show for a moment, we have a confirmed release date for the movie OOO DEN-O All Rider: Let’s Go, Kamen Rider! The movie is set to come out October 21st on Blu-Ray and DVD. Prices for the different versions of the move are listed above in the advertisement. You can also see listings for the OOO hyperbattle video, and for the HERO CLUB POWER RANGERS SPD DVD collection.

Moving back to the show, a pic of the new Greeed Gil or Giru has been leaked. This new Greeed is an extention of the purple core medals, though no word yet on who will become this new Greeed (Although it would be safe to assume that it’s Dr.Maki).

And in a final bit of general OOO news, there has been confirmation that OOO and Fourze will have a team-up movie this year, tenatively called Kamen Rider Movie Taissen 2011. Whatever it will formally be called, it will premiere on December 10th. Expect it to follow along the lines of the past to movie wars, where both Riders get a full-length movie, and then team-up for a ten-minute fight scene at the end.

Alright, that’s it for OOO news right now, as popular and unpredictalbe as this series has been, I have a feeling that something will pop up just in the next few hours. And if it doesn’t, you can still come back and see what has come up.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

P.S., Did I forget to mention that Date might return in the next couple of episodes? 😉

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