Kamen Rider Fourze Info and Pics


We are just weeks away from premiere of Kamen Rider Fourze, and everything you can think of about him has been coming out of the woodworks, including pics, info, and eve some confirmations of older rumors about Fourze. Prepare to takeoff!

Let’s start off with this!:

No, this isn’t old stock footage. This is from the upcoming series, and in many ways confirms two myths about the show: 1) That past Riders would appear heavily in this and future series, and 2) that the show would center around rumors of a “Kamen Rider urban legend”. What better way to start off a legend than with a legend!

Alright, now back to Fourze! As you know, Fourze has a series of “States” that he can transform into, and we have the stats on his Base State. Let’s see how he stacks up:

  • Height: 200cm
  • Weight: 95kg
  • Punch strength: 2.1t
  • Kick strength: 6.3t
  • Jump power: 20m in one jump
  • Speed:  100m in 6.2s
  • Special Attack: Rocket Drill Kick (Stratosphere Kick): 15t

Not bad rookie.

Alright, Fourze’s bike, as we know it, is called Machine Masshigler, but that’s just what Gentaro(Fourze) calls it. It’s official designation is “ORB-40F”. It runs on hydrogen, so it doesn’t release any CO2 into the atmosphere. Gotta like an environmentally-conscious Rider.

As you know, fourze’s power comes from the “Astro Switches”, which control his base states, the modules that he equips himself with, and the idiotic Foodroids that he uses. The Astro Switches themselves are powered by a mysterious “Cosmic Energy”, nothing is know about the energy other than that it comes from space. And we have some info on the first five confirmed Modules, or weapons, that he can equip himself with:

  • Fourze’s Module 1, the Rocket Module:
    A rocket is equipped on his right arm. By enabling the Exhaust Thruster, Fourze can add up another 4 t to his punches.
  • Fourze’s Module 2, the Launcher Module:
    He can shoot 5 missiles from his right leg.
  • Fourze’s Module 3, the Drill Module:
    It’s equipped on his left leg. It’s spins around 200 rpm.
  • Fourze’s Module 4, the Radar Module:
    By using this module, Fourze can give his Launcher Module homing missiles. He’s also able to reflect certain waves.
  • Fourze’s Module 5, the Magic Hand Module:
    The Magic Hand is equipped on his right hand, which gives him an extra 10 m reach. The end of the Magic Hand is called the “End Effect Pliers” which can lift up any object up to 6 t.

Of course, the Astro Switches aren’t the only things that are powered by the Cosmic Energy. So are the Zodiarts, Fourze’s main enemy. The Zodiarts use their own Zodiart Switches, and if a person had one of these Zodiart Switches, they would become a Zodiart. And yes, I know the whole gimmick-powered monster thing is cliché at this point, but what can you do? Anyway, the first two Zodiarts that Fourze is going up against are the Orion and Scorpio Zodiarts.

Here’s what we know storywise: Utahosi Kengo (far right) was given the FourzeDriver and 40 Astro Switches by his dying father, whose wish was for Kengo to fight the Zodiarts with it’s power. The only problem, though, is that Kengo’s body is very weak, and therefore cannot fight. He eventually ends up giving the belt to Gentaro (far left) after they meet. The heroine in this story, Joujima Yuki (in the middle next to Fourze), is Kengo’s classmate, and Gentaro’s childhood friend. She calls herself a “space nerd” and “Japan’s happiest schoolgirl”.

Here’s more random pics:

And here’s a handful of toy pics:

Hey, check that out. You can get the SP BuraKaWani Medal set, and it comes with Astro Switch 5, Magic Hand Module. Well played, Bandai. Well played.

Alright, that’s it for Fourze stuff at the moment. If anything else pops up, I’ll be sure to let you know.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin


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