Mountain Blaster Turbo Power!: Is Blake Foster returning to Power Rangers?

Do you by chance remember Power Rangers Turbo? More importantly, do you remember this kid?:

For those of you unfamiliar with this series (lol), this is Justin, the Blue Turbo Ranger. His character was introduced in Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, and the kid that played Justin, Blake Foster, was both a replacement for Steve Cardenas (Rocky from MMPR season 2 to Zeo) and the youngest actor to ever portray a Power Ranger. Well, now little Blake is all grown up, he’s finished with school, but it looks like he might not be finished with Power Rangers just yet.

Ahh, they grow up so fast...

Blake Foster recently attended the Anime Festival Orlando Convention, and a staff member at the convention “overheard” something very interesting Foster was talking about with another conventioner.

Here’s a paraphrase of the supposed conversation:

Fan: Are you going to come back to acting?
Blake Foster: I’m thinking about it. I’m done with school now.
Fan: Would you come back to Power Rangers?
Blake Foster: I’d like to. They’ve asked if I’d be interested, I don’t know if it’d be as the same character or someone new.

Well, if this is true, then that would certainly be interesting, to say the least. It’s certainly within the realm of possibility. They’ve brought actors back in the past, whether it was to reprise an old role or have them take on a new one (Power Rangers Samurai currently has three actors that fit that description). And since open casting calls for next year’s batch of Power Rangers are just around the corner, there could be a real possibility that they could bring Foster back in either his old role or in a brand new role. Either way, it would be cool to see him in Power Rangers again. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin


Re:Re:Birth?: Satonaka to henshin into Kamen Rider Birth(!).

Before anyone gets too excited, this is not for something happening in the show. This will be something that takes place in the Net Movie Kamen Rider OOO All Stars web-mini-series.

Entitled “Net Movie Kamen Rider OOO All Stars: 21 Leading Actors and Core Medals!”, the 21 episodes of the series will be released between July 8th through November 30th, with plans to make a special episode to be released at a later date. Each episode will cost 157 yen per download.

Here is Satonaka’s henshin sequence as Kamen Rider Birth:

Well, what do you think? Should this have been something that happened in the show? Should they have done more to model the costume after her? Any general thoughts on whay you think Date and Gotou are so upset? Let me know in the comments below.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Go-Kaiger Ep.25 Preview: Yeah, screen shots!

Sorry, I’m afraid I don’t have any screen shots from this week’s episode, I haven’t even seen this week’s episode yet, but I was able to lift some screen shots off of Henshin Grid from next week’s episode, which looks like the start of the Hurricanger two-part tribute special. Let’s go!:

Guess whose back in action?!

We get a Super Sentai history lesson/Gran Power checklist from Gai-Sensei.

Marvelous, Joe, and Luka are on there own, so several different three-man team transformations (so far the only confirmed ones are Liveman and Abaranger).

Here are the two Space Ninjas they’ll be going up against (the second one is in the back, next to the Zangyack flag). Not sure which is whom.

And we get an early look at FuuRaiMaru!


That’s it for now, if I can find anything from this week’s episode, or if I find out any more for next week’s, I’ll be sure to let you know.

-M.C.,the Quantum Twin