Kamen Rider Fourze OST from OOO WONDERFUL movie released!

As you know, Kamen Rider Fourze’s official debut was in the recently released movie Kamen Rider OOO THE MOVIE: WONDERFUL, Shogun, and 21 Core Medals, which is currently #1 at the box office along with Kaizoku Sentai Go-Kaiger THE MOVIE: The Flying Ghost Ship. Well, now the OST for the movie has been released, and included with it was the theme song that introduces Kamen Rider Fourze in the team-up scene! Let’s listen in, and get a feel for what the music in the series will sound like:

The song is called “Rocket Rider”, which is rather fitting, wouldn’t you agree?

So we’re clear, this isn’t the official theme song, this is just a sample of the kind of music we’ll hear in the series. And I really hope that his official theme sounds like this. That techno beat really compliments Fourze’s space/astronaut theme. I think I might have to get the album, if for any other reason than to listen to this song over and over again.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin


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