Kato Keisuke to play Godzilla in play: From fighting Fangires to burning down Tokyo…

Kato Keisuke (who played Nago Keisuke/Kamen Rider IXA in Kamen Rider Kiva) and Idoling!!!‘s Erika Tonooka have been chosen as co-stars for “Godzilla”, not a movie iteration, but an award-winning play written in 1988 by playwright Yasuhiko Ohashi. The play will be part of Box Corporation’s 30th Anniversary celebration.

Kato will play the iconic monster alongside Tonooka, who will play as a young girl that falls in love with Godzilla [insert “Bad Romance” joke here]. It seem though that Kato will be acting out of costume, so there wll be some level of plausibility, I guess.

Supporting cast includes Natsuhi Ueno, Yuna Ito, Serina Nagano, Kana Ito, Ai Kuriki, Junki Tozuka, Shohei Nanba, Ryo Sakaguchi, and Deleanu Satoshi.

“Onnanoko Monogatari” director Morioka Toshiyuki will be in charge of directing. Performances will be held at Shinjuku’s Theater Moliere from September 30th to October 2nd.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin


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