Kamen Rider Fourze Preview and TV Spot: Launch in T-13 Days! And Counting…

Alright, I have something very special for everyone today. First, we have the first TV promo for Kamen Rider Fourze, just a short 15-second spot, and we have the full trailer that they played at the Fourze Press Conference, this time cleaned-up, by itself, and in HD! (sort of…) Anyway, you can check both of them out right here:

You pumped up yet?! (You should be, this stuff’s been flying around for months now.)

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Power Rangers Samurai Episode Titles Revealed!: Dates? Who needs dates?

It’s been about, I don’t know, two months since we’ve heard anything new come about Power Rangers Samurai, for reasons unknown (and hopefully benign). Well, someone managed to find out the episode titles for the first four episodes of the next season of Power Rangers Samurai! (Sorry, still no confirmed dates for when they’ll air.) Here’s what we’re looking at so far:

17 – Broken Dreams (TBA)

18 – The Ultimate Deal

19 – Origins, Part 1 (TBA)
(formerly Call of the Red

20 – Origins, Part 2 (TBA)
(formerly Rise of the

There you go, episodes 17-20. The only thing we have so far are titles, no descriptions, no dates, nothing else. You could probably make an educated guess on what the episodes will be about based on the Shinkenger episodes, but since they have been know to skip, I wouldn’t go in a straight order. And if 19 and 20 really the “Origins” episodes, then that puts all of this sometime later this fall, assuming any of it is true. Oh well, I’m sure Nick will announce something over the next couple of months.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin