Maki Ohguro to release “Anything Goes! Ballad” this October.

In what may be one of the last stories to come out about Kamen Rider OOO for a long time, it appears that Kamen Rider OOO’ theme song, “Anything Goes!” by Maki Ohguro, has sold over 80,000 copies, making it the largest sale made in the history of Kamen Rider theme song! Well, it looks that success won’t end yet, because Maki Ohguro, who recently recorded the finale song for Kamen Rider OOO, entitled “Anything Goes! Ballad”,has announced the release of said song as a single!

The song, which will be played during the final fight scene in OOO, will be the final version of the theme song to be played with a full orchestra. And this song was the final song Ohguro recorded before taking her leave from singing (I don’t follow celebrity news enough to know if this leave is temporary or permanent).

Will be released October 19th in both CD and CD+DVD editions, costing 1200 and 1800 yen, respectively. This will be released just two days before the release of the OOO Den-O All Rider: Let’s Go Kamen Rider! OST is scheduled to be released, which features the TaMaShii Combo theme. Just letting you know so that you can get ready to update your music library.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Kamen Rider Fourze Scans and Climax Heroes Announcement: Still hasn’t left the Launch Pad, but has already taken off!

Well, like the title says, we haven’t seen much of anything involving Fourze, but he’s already all over the place! Here, we have some scans from upcoming episodes of Kamen Rider Fourze, and an official announcement for his first videogame, Kamen Rider Climax Heroes Fourze. Well, someone’s been busy!

First, here are the latest scans, taken from Figure-Oh magazine:

For those of you expecting some form of context for these pics, I don’t have any.

Onto the videogame announcement!

After the success of last year’s title, Namco Bandai has announced a new title for it’s Climax Heroes game. The new installment, released for Kamen Rider’s 40th Anniversary, will be called Kamen Rider Climax Heroes Fourze, and will star the titular Rider himself.

In addition to last year’s roster, which included a majority of the Heisei Riders, this latest installment will include new characters, namely Kamen Riders Ichigo, Nigo, V3, Amazon, Black and Black RX. Also included is Shadowmoon as one of the bosses in story mode. Gotta show the Showa Riders a little love every now and then.

New features have also been announced for this latest installment, the first revealed being a new 2-on-2 VS Stage. More to be revealed as we approach the release date.

Speaking of which, the game will be released on the PSP, sometime this winter.         (price TBA)

Well, that’s it for Fourze news right now, if anything else pops up, I’ll be sure to let you know.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

2012 Super Sentai name copyrighted: Is it time already?

First reported by dukemon22 at Toku Insider, Toei has copyrighted the name of the next Super Sentai series, translated as “Genki Sentai Baruganger“. Here’s a copy of the copyright claim:

第12類 船舶並びにその部品及び附属品,航空機並びにその部品及び附属品,鉄道車両並びにその部品及び 附属品,自動車並びにその部品及び附属品,二輪自動車・自転車並びにそれらの部品及び附属品,
乳母車,人力車,そり,手押し車,荷車,馬車,リヤカー,タイヤ又はチューブの修繕用ゴムはり 付け片
【氏名又は名称】村下 憲司

Translated (English):

(190) Country – Japan Patent Issued (JP) (441) – 22
August 2011 – Publication date (2011.8.22)
Patent and Trademark Gazette published [type]
(210) – Commercial Application No. Application No. 2011-53349 – (T2011-53349)
(220) – 21 July 2011 – the date of filing (2011.7.21)
(540) – Genki Sentai Baruganger Trademarks [Standard Characters]
(511) – the designated goods or designated services and categories of goods and services – Unique parts and accessories thereof 12 Ships, aircraft and their parts and accessories, parts and accessories thereof trains, automobiles and their parts and accessories, bicycle parts and accessories, motorcycles, Carriages, rickshaws, sleds, wheelbarrows, carts, carriages, carts, small gum paste for repairing tires or tubes
(731) [the applicant] – Identification number – 592068428 Toei Co., Ltd. – – the name or designation
(740) [agent] – Identification number – 100096596
[Attorney] the name or designation

No info yet on what it could be about, but speculation is abound.

General reaction to this news has basically been: “Is it seriously already time for this already?!” I think Toei may have accidently blocked themselves in this time. Because of Go-Kaiger‘s overwhelming popularity, no one wants to even think about the show being over yet. Even though we’re almost 30 episodes in, it still feels new and fresh. It’s almost impossible to believe that the show’s been going since February, and that it’s almost the end of August. But this definitely isn’t a rumor at this point, it’s about the right time of year for this to happen (we heard the first rumors about Go-Kaiger about this time last year), and we have a copy of the copyright application (which you would have seen by now if you’ve read this far), so this is what’s up next.

This will probably be the first time in a very long time that people HAVEN’T been excited to hear about the next series in the line.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

UPDATE: (8/25/11) Apparently dukemon22, who first reported on the copyright for Baruganger, hasn’t found the copyright for the name listed with the new batch of copyrights that popped up. No one’s sure what that means yet, but I’ll be sure to keep you informed of any new developments. Don’t ask me about the copyright claim above, it came from a Chinese toku-fan site, it looked convincing enough, but if it’s fake, then someone’s gone to a lot of trouble to fake it.

Black Condor has returned!

This is a leaked scan of Yuuki Gai (Black Condor of Jetman), shown here with a mobirate(?), which official confirms that he will appear in the Jetman tribute episode sometime in September. The actor, Wakamatsu Toshihide, confirmed this several weeks ago from his blog.

He is among a growing list of confirmed returning actors, which includes Nishimura Kazuhiko (Ohara Jo/Yellow Lion of Liveman), and according to some rumors, both AbareBlue and AbareYellow!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Kamen Cider! Il Drink preferito di ogni Rider! (via [StagBeetle] Fansub)

I don’t speak Italian, but I do appreciate this article. Grazie, [StagBeetle] Fansub!

Kamen Cider! Il Drink preferito di ogni Rider! La Dydo, nota marca giapponese produttrice di drink, sull'onda del successo ottenuto dalla loro precedenti collezioni di lattine ispirate ai Tokusatsu (prima una serie dedicata ad Ultraman e poi una serie dedicata ai malvagi di quest'ultimo) ha rilasciato lo scorso anno nove lattine dedicate ai Riders dell'era Showa. Ogni lattina è decorata con la vista frontale del costume indossato dal Rider a cui e dedicata  (oppure nera, nel caso dei soldati … Read More

via [StagBeetle] Fansub

Go-Kaiger Ep.26: Pirates and Ninjas United against Evil! And Ep.27 Preview.

I’ll admit, I’m still not brave enough yet to post whole episodes on this blog yet (BTW the guys over at Jefusion apparently have nerves of steel and a large pair of brass ones), but that doesn’t mean that I won’t try to bring the best content from each episode! That being said, here are some screen shots from the episode, as well as a clip from the show, and the preview from next week’s episode. So, ShuuShuuto Ikuzo!

First, we have the screen shots:

Next up, here’s the clip of the Go-Kaiger Hurricanger team-up henshin and fight!:

And finally, we have a preview for next week’s episode:

Alright, you should be caught up with Go-Kaiger now, and officially in geek-out mode after this episodes!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin