Hyper Hobby 09/2011

Hyper Hobby 09/2011.

Here’s a collection of scans from the September issue of Hyper Hobby magazine. It’s a complete collection, and covers all things toku, anime and collectable. Special thanks to Fans Tokusatsu Indonesia for putting it together.

Go-Kaiger Episode Summaries: Wings and Happiness. Sounds like an All-You-Can-Eat Wing Buffet! :P

Looks like September’s going to be a busy month for the Go-Kaigers, we already have confirmation for three tribute episodes next month, the first of which will be the Jetman tribute episode. While we don’t have episode summaries for all of these episodes yet, we do have the first two episodes for the month of September. So let’s see what going on next month!

Episode 28: Wings are Eternal
An Action Commander by the name of Kiaido shows up to try and collect the bounty on the Gokaiger as they begin their search for the Jetman. Marvelous gets beaten by Kiaido and in his retreat runs across a strange man called Gai, otherwise known as a former member of the Jetman.

Episode 29: N/A – 09/11
Action Commander D’ailleurs is the threat this time. As D’ailleurs can feed off of the energy created by happiness, Ahim and Gai attempt to lure him out by pretending to be a couple madly in love with each other.

Alright, other than the ones seen here, it is rumored that the Abaranger and Liveman tribute episodes will also be shown next month, so a very busy time is coming for our favorite pirates. Will they be able to handle it? Probably, but we’ll be sure to watch and make sure. 😉

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Kamen Rider OOO Final Form Revealed?: There’s not suppose to be one, but okay, I’ll bite.

Since the very beginning, people have been wondering what Kamen Rider OOO’s Final Form will be. And despite the fact that someone whose worked on the show has already stated that there won’t be a true “final form” in the sense that we’ve grown accustomed to seeing, there are those who believe that they’ve found one. It’s called TaToBa Combo Requiem.

We know that in the upcoming final episode, Kougami will give Eiji the King’s Cores, the Core Medals used by the original OOO, the corrupt king, from 800 years ago. And these new medals will create this new combo. Here’s how 算吧@Tokumaru from HJU put it:


コアメダルを破壊するプトティラとは対象に全てのコアの力を鎮めることができる王だけが使えるタトバの進化 コンボ

The Last Episode COMBO
TaToBa COMBO Requiem
The king’s core of TaToBa evolution COMBO,it can suppress the destroy power of PuToTira and all core power.
Then Eiji use TaToBa COMBO Requiem to revive Ankh and take out the power of core so that Ankh become a human.

Well, if any of this is true, and this guy isn’t just some troll, then we can look forward to a happy ending to Kamen Rider OOO!

And yes, I know, it probably won’t be a “new” combo, I doubt if it will even look any different from the standard TaToBa combo, but hey, a Deus ex Machina is a Deus ex Machina.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin