Power Rangers Samurai Toys Coming to McDonald’s!: Now I really will have a “happy meal”. :P

Rangerboard member Silver Zeo (you might like to chat with him, PaladinZeo), who happens to be a McDonald’s employee, has just informed us that a Power Rangers Samurai Happy Meal promotion is planned for next month (September)! Here’s some of what Silver Zeo said:

“…Starting September 15th we get Power Rangers Samurai toys! . . . I was told there will be 8 toys, I think 6 are rangers and then the megazord and a weapon of some sort if I recall correctly.”

Well, on the off chance you haven’t been able to find any PRS toys in your hometown (I just found some a couple of weeks ago at my local Target), I can’t think of a better opportunity. Any ideas on what that eighth toy could be?

-M.C., the suddenly-very-hungry Quantum Twin

UPDATE: (8/28/11) Just got this screen shot from Henshin Grid, thanks for mentioning my blog on yours!

Here’s the toys coming next month! So grab your younger sibling (or just own up to your geekiness) and get yourselves a Happy Meal this September!

http://www.happymeal.com/en_US/#/Toys (Link to that page on HappyMeal.com, just click the “Next Happy Meal” tab. They will also have iCarly toys available for girls, but who really cares?)