Kamen Rider Club NES videogame: No, Fourze can’t travel through time. He just happened to start the newest branch of the club

Talk about retro…

Look at what GekiDan over at Jefusion managed to dig up:

Video Game Ephemera’s latest feature spotlights a Bandai press pamphlet from the 1989 Summer Consumer  Electronics Show revealing, a NES Kamen Rider game entitled “Kamen Rider Club: Gekitotsu Shockerland.”

According to the site, it is a scrapped localization  for the popular Kamen Rider series. “Ride with Mask Riders on their deadly mission into the nuclear-active Shockerland to beat down and destroy its ruthless leader.”

Here’s a video of the gamplay:

Well, what do you think of the game? You could play as either Ichigo, Nigo, or V3, and it looks decievingly simple (though a little too influenced by the Super Mario franchise). Would you have bought this game in 1989? Or, if you happened to live in Japan back then, did you buy it in 1988? (It came out in Japan in 1988, and released everywhere else in 1989).

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Author: M.F. Calhoun

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