Writers’ qualm: How Black Condor nearly didn’t make it into the Legend War.

Original Post: http://www.jefusion.com/2011/09/black-condor-didnt-appear-in-legend-war.html

Well, it looks like if it had been solely up to Go-Kaiger head writer Arakawa Naruhisa, then Black Condor of Jetman wouldn’t have appeared in the Legend War. Here’s a translation of text found on the Go-Kaiger main site:

The main writer for Gokaiger, Mr. Arakawa. The first ever Sentai series he wrote for was Jetman. during development stage, the one thing he went against to the very end was having Black Condor fight in the Legend War.

Utsumiya said, “I can’t understand why you can have AbareKiller & Dragon Ranger in it but not Black Condor” (for those who knew nothing about the older series, AbareKiller & Dragon Ranger were both dead near the end of their respective shows)

Arakawa replied, “I can’t understand why you can’t understand that”

The argument turned into a brawl… almost but not there yet, at the end of the heated argument Utsumiya insisted to have him participate in the war, & now there seems to be some understanding.

Wow, these writers are so obsessed with Jetman. Credit to UkiyaSeed of Jefusion and Orends:Range (and a couple of other site) for finding this, and to Windmaster Hiroaki who translated the page for Jefusion.

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

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