Go-Kaiger Episode Summaries: Ohranger Tribute AND Basco two-parter? Sweet.

The Liveman tribute episode is just around the corner, and with these next two episodes, well meet the four tribute episodes quota set for this month! Check out what’s happening for the Ohranger tribute episode, the next appearance of Basco, and the creation of the Go-KaiGalleon Buster!

Episode 31 – Impact!! Secret Strategy
Former Ohranger’s Momo aka OhPink appears before Gokaigers and says that she will give them Ohranger’s Ultimate Power.

However, she is also hiding some secret plan. At the same time, former OhRed, Gorou, comes in contact with Basco. He claims that he will give up their Ultimate Power in exchange for the exact location of Zangayck’s flagship. There’s something else to his goal as well.

Episode 32: N/A
Gokaigers get beaten up by Basco. Marvelous and Joe undertake special training with their swords and guns. As Doc attempts to create an even more stronger weapon, Zangyack attacks. Marvelous and his crew are forced to return fire, but all of their attacks are repelled.

Episode 32 is also rumored to feature both the Go-KaiGalleon Buster, and special appearances from the former ChangeDragon, YellowFlash, and RedMask.

Looks like quite the exciting story arc coming up, wouldn’t you agree?

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

Super Sentai Battle Ranger Cross Opening: Five Teams, 25 Rangers, One AWESOME Game!

Here’s the opening to the newly released Super Sentai Battle: Ranger Cross. It features all five teams that will be appearing in the game. Enjoy!:

The game is out now!

-M.C., the Quantum Twin