@HecDavidJr filming more PRS Stuff?

Hey, check out this tweet from Hector David Jr. (Mike/Green Samurai Ranger) that just went out a few minutes ago:
“Yuma Az, I’m not quite sure u guys know wat Twitter is, but either way u changed my life in 2 days! Bak 2 LAX, starting filming rangers 2day”
Not sure what he was doing in Arizona (I follow him, but I just don’t check my twitter feed that much), but we know he’s off to film Ranger stuff today! I wonder what he could be filming?…


Author: henshinhead

I'm a blogger, writer, artiste, gamer, madman, and super-powered being from another dimension. My day involves blogging about geek stuff, building my own little worlds, and saving this world from evil organizations and giant monsters. What's your day like? ;P

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