Kamen Rider Fourze Episode Summaries:Unicorns, Parties, and remedial classes. :(

The next string of episode summaries for Kamen Rider Fourze is up, and this time we get to see Fourze get down and boogey, and then get placed into supplemental classes for falling grades. That’s always a bit of a downer. Anyway, read on!:

Episode 5: N/A – 10/02
Screenplay: Nakashima Kazuki, Director: Ishida Idori
Gentaro has been invited to the karaoke party room in JK Night Event. Unfortunately, the Unicorn Zodiarts appeared and JK has been targeted.

Episode 6:  N/A – 10/09
To catch the movements, Kengo suspected JK’s classmate is the switcher, a Zodiarts Switch user. Meanwhile, Gentaro lost one of his switch..

Episode 7:  N/A – 10/16
Screenplay: Riku Sanjo, Director: Shibazaki Takayuki
Gentaro, Yuki and Kengo, considered as problem students,  had to attend a holiday special lessons (or Hell Lessons) . Shun Daimonji and Tomoko Nozama also appeared in the classroom.

Episode 8:  N/A – 10/23
Before Fourze about to defeated a Hound Zodiarts, Scorpio Zodairts appeared defending him, in a two-on-one battle against Fourze.. Gentaro who have sneak away the lessons to fight the Zodiarts, will be sentenced for punishment at the ground maintenance.

So, it looks like the club’s expanding, and Gentaro’s on course to make more friends. And we have the return of the mysterious Scorpio Zodiart. What will Fourze do against him in this second round?

-M.C., the Quantum Twin

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